What Does Clickfunnels Do? & How To Increase Sales Revenue?

What Does Clickfunnels Do? & How To Increase Sales Revenue?

To Answer both the questions, what does Clickfunnels do, and how to increase sales revenue, we need to study the concept of the Sales Funnel.

Let’s say for example, you have perfected the art of SEO, or PPC, or Social Media, and you are able to drive a swarm of targeted traffic to your website…

But for some reason, you just are not making any money from it…

Why is that?

You know you are outranking your competitors, but they seem to be rolling in the cash, where as you are still scraping together pennies at the end of the month just to pay for your Netflix subscription.

If you find yourself in a similar position right now, or even if you are doing well but feel you could be doing much much better, then ask yourself honestly… have you planned out your sales funnel?

I’m guessing you can see where I am going with this right?

What Clickfunnels Does and how it increases Sales Revenue…

Clickfunnels, at it’s core, is a tool to build you Sales Funnels. There is a host of other functionalities around this core of course, but for the purpose of this article we are going to just focus on the Sales Funnels to answer the question of what does Clickfunnels do

Let’s look at a couple of situations that I have seen many companies in, and maybe you are one of them?

Lot’s of people understand the importance of having landing pages right? Especially when using paid advertising.

People know, that you must send that traffic through to a landing page.

Many people though, send this traffic straight through to a product page… or worse still, straight to their website complete with About Us, Contact Us, Homepage etc etc.

The problem with these methods, is that it is giving traffic too much options.

If I send traffic just to my website, what do I want that traffic to do? Have a browse around? Check out the lovely design I spent thousands, or maybe tens of thousands on?

If I am selling a $997 Course on SEO, and I send my traffic directly to that… what happens to all the traffic that can’t afford it, or doesn’t know enough about me from my sales page to cough up that price tag?

Not to worry…

There is a solution!

Clickfunnels basically changes your erratic traffic that you worked so hard to get, and organizes it neatly into a streamlined flow, while at the same time maximizing profits.

So instead of wasting money on traffic, with a small chance of getting a sale…

Clickfunnels captures customers upfront, leads them down a finally tuned Sales Funnel of upsells, and downsells, and after all that, you have a customer for life that you can sell to again and again.

Let’s look at an example of this so we can further answer the question of what does Clickfunnels Do and how to increase Sales Revenue:

A Sample of What Clickfunnels Does and how it can increase Sales Revenue:

What Does Clickfunnels Do


Here we see an example of one of my favorite funnels for eCommerce sales.

If you study the flow chart, you can tell straight away how this is different from normal sales funnels.


Did you notice?


This is so there is nothing to distract your customers from focusing on the buying opportunity that is in front of them!

I love that…

Secondly, you are sending people directly to a product page which many people do, but not everyone does. This is a win straight away.

The payment information is right there on the product page though, which is something not usual with eCommerce, and this is a two step form which makes it quick and easy for your customers to make to buy. And frictionless payment is always a win.

Next you see something VERY UNUSUAL… an OTO page.

OTO, stands for 1 time offer. And this is where optimizing your revenue really kicks in.

When a customer has made the effort to enter their shipping details and throw down their credit card, it’s a good sign that you have established enough trust for them to do so.


By generating an OTO page, you have the ability to take that trust and upsell them.

The keys to this upsell, is that you should establish astounding value. Even if it is a much higher price point, by taking the trust you have already established with them, and adding a ton of value, you are going to get a percentage of your users that are going to take you up on this.

This increases your average order value per customer, exponentially.

Another great feature of the Clickfunnels Sales funnel, is that at this point in the funnel, your customer has already entered their credit card details so…


This is a 1 touch purchase on a higher revenue item, again… a frictionless sale… WIN WIN WIN.


It doesn’t stop there…

Say your customer truly can’t afford the higher ticket item?

If they decline this… Clickfunnels will take them to a downsell.

Something that is less value then the OTO, but still has the potential increase the average order value of your customer. WIN WIN WIN WIN!

And then…

The thank you page…

After you have squeezed every bit of cash you can from these poor, unsuspecting shoppers… it’s about time you thanked them right?

Well having a well of offers plastered across this thank you page is bound to ping the curiosity of another… albeit… smaller percentage of them.

These offers then redirect to a new Funnel, and the whole process starts again.


I’m out of breath typing all that. (But it is worth it to answer once and for all, the question… what does Clickfunnels do and how to increase Sales Revenue?)

But you get why this is so AWESOME right?

Is it making sense?

And this is JUST ONE FUNNEL!

There are hundreds of funnel recipes inside the Clickfunnel platform that will laser focus your sales, no matter what niche or product you are focused on.

MLM? There is a funnel for that.

Affiliate Marketing? There is a funnel for that.

Service Agency? There is a funnel for that!




Sports Brand…

Weight Loss..

Socks Box Service…

Doesn’t matter what it is… There is a funnel for that!


Let me ask you a question?




There is a 14 Day Trial, and a 30 day money back guarantee so you really have time to make sure you will get use our of it…

And guess what????

If you sign up with the link above, I’ll make sure to send you some SWEET BONUSES to help you get up and running FAST! And you will always be able to reach out to me for assistance.

You will be successful, and it will be my mission to ensure that.

So what are you waiting for?


What Does Clickfunnels Do? & How To Increase Sales Revenue?

Here are just some of the many other sales funnels you can build (In about 15 mins each) with Clickfunnels…

What Does Clickfunnels Do?

What does Clickfunnels do?

What Does Clickfunnels Do?

What Does Clickfunnels Do?

What Does Clickfunnels Do?What Does Clickfunnels Do?What Does Clickfunnels Do?

And there is PLENTY more where these came from…

I hope this article answered the question of what does Clickfunnels do, and gave you some insight on how to increase Sales Revenue?

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