6 Types Of Digital Marketing Strategies to SKYROCKET Your Traffic

Let’s Take a look at 6 Types of Digital Marketing Strategies That Can SKYROCKET your traffic if you do them right…

If you are reading this article… the chances are, I don’t need to explain to you the need for Traffic to Your Website/Blog. Right?

And if you know that much… I am guessing I don’t need to write out a list of the different types of Digital Marketing – Social Media Marketing, Paid Advertising etc. Right?

So instead, I am going going to break down 6 Types Of Digital Marketing and Give you Actionable Strategies that you can use to begin Generating Traffic by the bucket full to your website or blog.

6 Types Of Digital Marketing Strategies – Strategy #1 – Pinterest

If you are active on Pinterest, it’s going to come as no shock to you that this is my number one method to build traffic by the truckload.

But if you are like me, you may have had your head in the sand about this Social Media Platform for quite some time now.

Sure you probably have heard of Pinterest… but it’s likely you associated it with MOMMY BLOGGERS or FAVORITE RECIPE BLOGS

Am I right?

And of course… there is nothing wrong with either of these niches… in fact I am learning LOADS from top bloggers in each and how I can associate there experience to my own niche.

But it is likely that because of this association, you then gravitated your social media efforts towards Facebook or maybe even Twitter… Because that’s what most people I know in the blogging world have done.

This is a mistake!

If you are a blogger IN ANY NICHE or are looking to build ORGANIC TRAFFIC for ANY REASON… you need to be ALL OVER PINTEREST!!

I can’t say this enough… (Hence the Caps and Bold)


Did you know that the average lifetime of a post on Facebook is just 2 hours and 30 mins?

After this… your post just filters down into the abyss of the news feed… mostly never to be seen again.


The Average Lifetime of A Post on Pinterest is 3.5 MONTHS!!

I was at a convention in Vegas for the Travel Industry when I heard a Representative of Pinterest announce this stat.

It was at that point that everything clicked for me and I realized in that moment that I needed to be doing more in Pinterest than just a random post every now and then.

And average lifespan of 3.5 months, means posting to Pinterest not only generates you an initial burst of Traffic, but it continues to send you both Traffic and Social Signals for Months!!


If you post EVERYDAY… then that impact has a compounding effect!

Imagine how this impacts your SEO! (Which means more Organic Traffic ASWELL as Social Traffic!)

So if you have taken the hint… and you realize that you need to be ALL OVER Pinterest regardless of your niche… I recommend you get started with PINTERESTING STRATEGIES. (This is not an affiliate link, but it is the best course I have found on building a Pinterest Account)

6 Types Of Digital Marketing Strategies – Strategy #2 – SEO Pirate

Further reading… Check out Craig Cherlet‘s guide on Increase Your Search Rankings with These 6 Backlink Building Tips – This was definitely worth the read for me.

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Ok… when I tell people about my SEO Pirate Strategy I ALWAYS get strange looks. People aren’t sure whether I am doing something unethical like hacking or copyright infringement… or if I have just gone plain crazy.

But they reason I like to think of this as Pirating, is because we are going out there and Pirating Traffic (Booty) from our Competitors Websites (Ships).

This strategy has been my go to strategy for Generating Traffic for many years now and has allowed me to build a number of websites into high ranking authority sites again and again, regardless of the niche.

How it works is simple…

This post is not going to explain to you the meaning of everything in SEO… so if you do not understand a concept or a term… Just Google it… or check out my MANY posts on SEO on this Website.

So what we do… is we go out and we build a list of our competitors websites.

Particularly… A list of those sites that are at a lesser/around the same level as our own. (I use domain authority with Moz to determine this, but you can use your favorite SEO Metric/Tool to do the same)

So once we have a list of blogs/websites that have a lower (Or similar) domain authority as our own… we use similarweb (Or any traffic insights tool) to determine what keywords are generating traffic for that given site.

Once we see the keywords that are generating the traffic, we simply search that keyword in Google… determine which page/article is listed in the Search Results that is generating that traffic for the site/blog and we build our own competing page/article to try and steal that position.

We know the keyword is generating traffic AND we know that we “In theory” can outrank them… so why not take what can be ours?

Now I know some people may see this as unethical… and me associating it with being a Pirate probably doesn’t help the case… but in SEO… It’s survival of the fittest.

You need to get your traffic from somewhere, so getting it from your competitors has a double sided axe effect… in that you move up while they move down.

6 Types Of Digital Marketing Strategies – Strategy #3 – Reddit

Another Social Platform that is largely overlooked by Marketers… and with Good reason.

Reddit as a community have a built in resistance to our marketing skillset.

It can be very hard to make a post to promote your blog without getting haters filling up your inbox and likely SHADOWBANNED from the platform itself.


If you take the time to master this Social Platform… the rewards can be SIGNIFICANT.

The right placed post with a finely tuned balance of marketing and not being a marketer… can send you tends of thousands of hits to your website in the space of a couple of hours.

I have seen this myself… The traffic spike can be ENORMOUS… but I have also been banned too many times to count.

So while this is a method I recommend, it is not something I actively use myself anymore and have sided with Pinterest instead for the more marketing friendly stance there.

But… Back in the day… This was my secret weapon and I used it to rank a number of sites so it HAD to make this list!

6 Types Of Digital Marketing Strategies – Strategy #4 – Networking

Good old fashioned network marketing…

So why is this a strategy?

I am not referring to network marketing in the traditional sense, but more in the building your network of influencers sense.

So influencer marketing is probably more appropriate.

The reason this is added to the list is because tapping into people who have already built an engaged audience is one of the quickest ways to build yours.

There are a number of ways you can do this…

Anything from reaching out to get added to that Pinterest Group board, to Guest Blogging on High Authority Blogs… to just asking someone for advice.

You never know the impact on your business that connecting with the right person can have and why it is so important not to silo yourself away.

Get out there and get talking to people… even if you don’t see them as someone that can help you grow… maybe they are below your level now… but who knows where they will be in a years time.

Many connections and contacts of mine have helped me grow in the past.

Don’t dismiss this one… as I can already see some of you skipping over it. (Like I would have done myself in the past)

6 Types Of Digital Marketing Strategies – Strategy #6 – HARO

HARO – Help A Reporter Out…

This is a VERY powerful way to grow your authority… all though somewhat slower than the others on this list.

There are a few different strategies to consider with this one.

(Google the site to get an idea of what it is and then follow the below strategies)

When you have an Alexa Rank of more than 1 million (The lower the better), you will be restricted from the full capabilities of HARO.

At this stage… you can still use HARO to reach out to high authority blogs and websites that are looking for quotes on a given topic and in return will provide you with a link back to your website.

This is HUGELY beneficial for your SEO, and you can get links on many of the top publications in the world such as Forbes or Entrepreneur.com.

And… you only have to write a short quote… so it’s less work than guest blogging. (Though not all of your quotes will get published unfortunately.)

The next stage is where the REAL impact lies. Once you reach the top 1 Million websites in the world on Alexa, you will be able to reach out to the HARO network to get quotes for your content.

This can often lead to maybe 20 or 30 different publishers providing you with free content for any article that you write.

I have often got more than 5,000 words of content for articles that I have written which added to my self-written 2,000 words… gives me a beast of an authoritative publication.

Personally… I also reach out to everyone that provides me with a quote and ask them to share the article they are featured in across their social media.

Not everyone will take you up on this… but maybe 50% or so usually do, so from the time you hit that publish button on your beast of an article, you have 10 companies promoting you across all their social channels… Nice for the ole search engines right?

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6 Types of Digital Marketing Strategies You SHOULD be using in 2019
  • Hi Paul,
    How is it going?
    I came here from a Pin on Pinterest where I followed you as well
    Pinterest is my second traffic source after SEO. Been active on the platform for just a month and a half and it’s a real traffic source.

    I hope you are having a great weekend

    ~ Enstine

    • Hey buddy!

      Ya Glad you see the power in Pinterest. I’ve only started to use it in the last couple of weeks myself… but the SEO impact is what sold it for me. I’m all in now on this platform… even over Facebook and Twitter and the like.

      Happy Blogging!

      Paul Allen

  • Hey, Its great that you are using Pinterest to drive traffic to your website. Good to see someone who is using this for traffic rather than E-commerce marketing and thanks for sharing Powerful SEO strategies.

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