25 Top Web Directories – Dmoz Alternatives for Dmoz Listing… FAST!

25 Top Web Directories – Dmoz Alternatives for Dmoz Listing… FAST!

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This article is going to take a look at Dmoz Alternatives and the Top Web Directories you can use to replace the juice from a Dmoz listing.

Feeling a bit lost without Dmoz in your life?

Looking for Dmoz Alternatives? Not to worry, today we are going to look at some.

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25 Top Web Directories – Dmoz Alternatives for Dmoz Listing… FAST!

I think the whole Digital Marketing world felt a little smaller, and the internet, a little colder with the announcement that Dmoz would be closing it’s doors for good. But now that it is gone, how does the world keep spinning?

With web directories dropping like flies, how do search engine queries continue to get resolved and where in the hell do we now do to find Free Web Directories.

Well the good news is…

We have an awesome list of Top Web Directories 2017 alternatives for you to check out!

Here is the definitive list of our favorite directories to try and replace the gaping hole left by Dmoz:

Scrub the web – https://www.scrubtheweb.com
Scrub the web is one of the older directories on our list, kicking off way back in 1996!

Alexa Traffic Rank: Global 49,044
Sites Linking In: 6,545

SoMuch – https://www.somuch.com
SoMuch is a friendly directory and try to focus on anti-ads.

Alexa Traffic Rank: Global 103,237
Sites Linking In: 1,252

VieSearch – https://viesearch.com
Simple and to the point, VieSearch is well organised and structured.

Alexa Traffic Rank: Global 109,845
Sites Linking In: 1,559

Site promotion Directory – http://www.sitepromotiondirectory.com
Another high flier in the world of web directories.

Alexa Traffic Rank: Global 136,773
Sites Linking In: 2,187

High Rank Directory – http://www.highrankdirectory.com
Simple and to the point.

Alexa Traffic Rank: Global 151,647
Sites Linking In: 1,319

Directory World – http://www.directoryworld.net
A no frills directory, this one does what it says on the tin.

Alexa Traffic Rank: Global 294,004
Sites Linking In: 1,417

While the relevance of submitting sites to directories has been questioned since Google’s release of it’s latest Search Algorithm, “Fred”, there has been nothing conclusive that these are not still part of the mix.

So at Dublin SEO, we figure, better to be safe than to be sorry, and at least have a basic web directory submission plan.


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And for good measure, here is a tonne more Top Web Directories 2017 & Dmoz Alternatives for a Dmoz Listing that you can use:


Of course if you really want a powerhouse of an SEO boost, you should match these Top Web Directories 2017 submissions with our awesome SERPs CTR rate method.

25 Top Web Directories – Dmoz Alternatives for Dmoz Listing… FAST!

What to consider when researching Web Directories for backlinks?

Well the most important factor to take into account, is that web directories alone should not be your complete strategy for building backlinks.

In fact, while once web directories were a powerhouse for SEO juice, they have been degraded in the eyes of Google again and again.

The most important factor for building out your backlinking strategy, is that it is well thought out and you are gaining backlinks from diversified sources in varied formats.

That is how natural backlinking works, so that is what Search Engines will be on the eye out for.

If you would like a quick jump-start on building out your backlinking strategy, make sure to check out my article:

Link Building Strategies 2017 – 21 Fast & Effective ideas!

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– Paul

Take Care out there!

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25 Top Web Directories - Dmoz Alternatives for Dmoz Listing... FAST!

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