The Ultimate Guide To Niche Sites + 51 Niche Site Ideas List – 2019

Today we are going to talk about Niche Sites, how to monetise them and a Niche Site Ideas list to help you get started.

What are niche sites and why should you pay any attention to them?

Well niche sites are sites that focus specifically on one topic, offering someone a one stop shop for everything they may need to know or want, on a given topic.

But realistically, these are all just buzz words.

For the purpose of making money from a niche site, this article is going to focus on a newer buzzword, and though less commonly spoken about… this one is legit. Micro-Niche Sites.

What the Feck is a Micro-Niche Site…?

So let’s say you like to fish as a hobby… as an example.

What you will learn from many so called Experts, is that you should build your website on a topic you love, and that your website should be focused on the specific Niche of the topic you love.

You love Fishing… so you decide you will listen to the experts, and build yourself a fishing website… right?

The only problem is, there are millions of Fishing websites out there, and after starting your “Niche Site” you will be left wondering why you are not getting any traffic… because you have millions of competitors.

This is slightly different if you geo-locate (target a specific local) your site… So a fishing website that targets your local area, may do well if there is not much competition there and enough people interested in fishing to make the site viable.

But we aren’t going to focus on that today.

Instead let’s focus on getting “Micro-Niched” in a big Red ocean of millions of fishing websites.

So let’s say… instead of making your website about fishing in general… you make your website focused on one particular area of fishing.

What do I mean by this?

Well I don’t know enough about fishing to go into detail here, but let’s say you make a website all about Fishing Bate?

Suddenly your competition is cut down DRASTICALLY, because instead of going up against EVERY fishing website, you are now just up against every Fishing Bate website.

Of course the bigger fishing websites will still capture much of this traffic, but they won’t be able to remain as nimble and hyper focused on Fishing Bate as you, as they need to appeal to a wider audience.

So you get to become the expert on Fishing bate, and all of your content is specifically around fishing bate only.

Many people will still go to the bigger fishing websites, for the mass appeal content, but you will find that you will quickly become the expert in fishing bate, and when someone wants specialized content on fishing bate… where will they turn?

So that’s the general idea… and of course, this can be for any topic.

If you play the guitar, you might focus on Spanish Classical guitar lessons and Spanish Classical Guitar Sales, instead of trying to sell all types of guitars for all music genres… because this market is already saturated.

And you can break this down EVEN FURTHER… Say you target Spanish Classical Guitar for Seniors… for those that always wanted to learn guitar but never got around to doing it.

If you are obsessed with Fashion… maybe you become the expert in Men’s Jackets, or Women’s accessories.

And you can get EVEN MORE hyper-focused, by focusing on Men’s Italian Leather Jackets, Or Women’s Wooley Hats.

The point is… the more hyper focused you are on a micro-niche topic, the better your chances are at success.

Does that make sense?

How Do YOU Come up with YOUR Micro- Niche Site Idea?

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So this is all great in theory I hear you say… but how should you pick your Micro- Niche Site Idea?

Well the general response here… is find something you love, and focus on that. No matter what it is…

And there is some logic to this statement for a couple of reasons…

  1. You are going to be spending alot of time talking about, writing about and all in all immersing yourself in a given Niche, and if you don’t like it… it will take a lot of determination to stick with it.
  2. You are going to need to be knowledgeable in the given niche, and it is alot better to start out already knowing alot of a given topic, then having to start from scratch.

But there is an important factor to take into consideration here.


If this sounds like you… if you are thinking to yourself… I’d love to start a Niche Site, but I don’t know enough about any topic to be good enough to teach people…


I HIGHLY recommend that you read Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson. You Can get it for FREE here: EXPERT SECRETS

You just need to pay for shipping… and if you do pick it up from the above link… let me know and I’ll send you out some BONUS stuff.

Now this book is awesome… and I rarely say that. It will teach you ALOT, but I am just going to go into one aspect here for those of you that don’t consider yourselves an expert at anything…


Ok, so this is my own quote… but the concept is in the Expert Secrets book and here’s the basic idea…

Let’s Take Gaming For Example.

Say You Have Played Asteroids….

You have managed to make it to level 10 in asteroids, but you know that many people have reached level 99 (I have no idea how many levels there are in asteroids)

So when you compare yourself to those people that have reached level 99, it’s hard to consider yourself an expert at asteroids right?


What about all those people who are stuck on level 2, or level 3?

You know how to teach them how to get to level 10 right?

So you are an expert at teaching people how to get to level 10 in asteroids.

This is the same for any topic/niche.

Let’s take guitar as an example…

You may not be able to play note perfect guitar with an orchestra… but if you know SOME guitar you may be able to teach people at beginner level how to progress to Intermediate level….

You get me now?

As long as you have progressed your knowledge in an area somewhat… there will always be those who wish to learn how to get to your level…

This could be on any topic…

Maybe you know how to bake a mean apple pie….

Or the mindset to get up and go for a run every morning…

Or how you quit smoking…

Or how to help your kids make great artwork for school…

It doesn’t matter what the topic… EVERYONE has something they know more about than someone else. It’s just human nature.

We learn about what we are interested in… and if you are interested in SOMETHING… there will always be people who have JUST DISCOVERED their interest in that same topic and you can help them get to your level.

So what are you interested in?

What have you acquired knowledge in?

I know nothing about baking apple pies… or Men’s Italian Leather jackets…

If I wanted to learn about either of these things… I will go to Google and look for someone that does know about them…

Are you catching my drift yet?


How To Make Money From A Niche Site Idea?

Ok… Surprisingly enough… this is the easy part. lol

Crazy right?

The hard part honestly, is getting your mindset right and believing in yourself enough to get out there and start doing this.

That’s why I spent so much time rambling on in the last section.

Making money from A Niche Site idea has a few different tiers… but If you are following along at this point I’d like to show you a practical approach to this aspect so you don’t waste time or resources.

Lot’s of people rush into building their own products, spending thousands in the process… and then spend thousands on advertising to realize that their product doesn’t sell.

So let’s skip all of that here…

We will get into some of the easier ways to build out your product offerings shortly…. but first… the most important aspect to all this is learning whether or not you can build a market and sell stuff…


No point having the greatest product in the world if you can’t sell the feckin’ thing to anyone.

So Forget about building your own product for the moment.

Let’s look at building an audience and selling someone else’s product in your chosen niche.

If you manage to build an audience and can prove to yourself that you can sell products in that niche… then it’s MORE worth your time to invest in building your own products right?

That way… if you find you can’t sell in that niche…. you can move onto the next without losing out on too much…

Make sense?

So… Pick your niche?

What’s your Level 10 in Asteroids?

What can you talk about and teach level 1 people on?

Now head on over to Amazon and look for a product in that niche….

Yep…. We’re going to look at affiliate marketing now.

Affiliate Marketing For Micro- Niche Site Ideas – 2019

Amazon is GREAT isn’t it?


I love the logo concept too… with the link from the A to the Z…. Meaning it has EVERYTHING from A to Z…

And that’s the key here guys…

Anything you want to sell… chances are Amazon already has it.

Any niche you want to get into… chances are Amazon already sells to that niche.

And guess what?

You can get paid to sell stuff for Amazon… (If you have no clue what affiliate marketing is… just Google it then come back to this article)

So we are going to setup an Amazon Affiliate marketing account… not because this is going to become our main stream of income…

(In fact it is relatively difficult to make a good stream of income from Amazon Affiliate marketing)


We are going to use this as our testing ground, to see can we build a micro- niche site, build an audience that will engage with our content, and then guide that audience to buy something.

Let’s be straight…

The commissions are going to be small on Amazon, and you will be putting in a lot of effort here with little return.

But guess what?

If you can come up with a Micro- Niche Site Idea, You Can Build An Audience That Engages with your Content, and You Can Sell Them Something Amazon… YOU WILL BE ABLE TO SELL THEM THINGS THAT MAKE YOU MORE PROFIT!

Am I making sense?

I’m not just talking out of my arse here…

This makes sense logically right?

If you can sell an Italian Leather Jacket from Amazon to your Italian Leather Jacket Enthusiast audience… then you will be able to replace that Amazon Italian Leather Jacket, with your own Italian Leather Jacket… RIGHT?

And doing it this way… means you don’t have to waste any resources building or sourcing your own products before you know it works…

You don’t need to worry about fulfillment or returns or margins… you just send them to Amazon.

Ok… I think you get it… I can’t hammer this home anymore before I sound like I am beating a dead horse.

Test Your Niche Site Idea With Amazon’s Affiliate program to see if it works.

Or check out this article by Buildaprenur on THE 7 BEST AFFILIATE MARKETING PROGRAMS FOR BEGINNERS IN 2018

51 Niche Site Ideas List For 2019

Ok… You really should look to what you know to come up with your micro- niche site idea… but to give you some inspiration… let me jump on Amazon real quick and look at what’s selling best. (Practical right… best sellers should be the easiest for YOU to sell).

#1 Niche Site Idea For 2019

Baby Boys Body Suits

The most trending niche on Amazon Right now… So if you know anything about Baby Boy’s Fashion… this is an awesome micro-niche site to create.

Content topics can start out reviewing these products… ask suppliers for sample products etc.

Tons of Products to talk about! – And I’m pretty sure pics of Baby Boys in the latest Fashions is highly viral content for Moms the world over.

#2 Niche Site Idea For 2019

The Top Selling Toy Right now? This guy:

Niche Site Idea for Nerds

So if you are are the nerdy type (I’m a total fanboy) and are interested in Superhero movies and the like… Maybe You build a niche site on Funko Pop Toys… That’s what these things are.

And guess what? They are collectibles… so once you have a buyer it becomes VERY EASY to sell them on more Funko Pop Collectibles.

#3 Niche Site Idea For 2019

Top Selling Book on Amazon Right now?

Niche Site Idea Around Book Sales

So maybe you create a niche site on inspiring women.

Your content could review each woman… discuss the impact they have had on the world… maybe on you personally…



so while educating people on inspiring women, by referencing this book, you are giving them more of what they are looking for.

(Obviously you should probably read the book first yourself)

#4 Niche Site Idea For 2019

Top selling item in Clothing, Shoes and Jewelry right now??

Surprising Niche Site Idea I got From Just Looking at what sells on Amazon

A Pair of Glasses???

WTF? A little unusual right?

Especially given the topic. Of ALL clothing ALL Shoes and ALL jewelry… these things are the most popular???

But if you look a little closer… there is reason to this madness. These glasses are Blue Light Filtering Glasses… So now YOU KNOW… Blue Light Filtering is EXTREMELY topical and important to people.

Can you guess what your micro- niche site will be?

#5 Niche Site Idea For 2019

Top Selling Digital Music?

On a quick glance… of the top 5 bestselling Digital Albums, the Top 2 are Soundtracks to movies…

Of the Top 5 Bestselling Digital Songs… The first and the 3rd are songs from Movie Soundtracks…

So if you are into music… can you guess the niche?

Yup… Movie Soundtrack Reviews with Links bank to Movie Soundtrack Albums on Amazon… Genius… I know. lol

#6 Niche Site Idea For 2019

Love Cooking?

5th Best Selling Product in Home and Living is this bad boy:

Cooking Website Affiliate Product for Niche Site Ideas

Now… cooking websites are a dime a dozen… so you are going to need to micro- niche down a little here as we discussed above.

Think about what can make your website SPECIFIC to a certain audience?

Is it vegetarian recipes for moms on the go?

Is it Keto Diet for Professionals in a hurry?

Either way… there is a wealth of products and even produce you can link back to on Amazon to test your market.

#7 Niche Site Idea For 2019

Ok… it’s 2:19AM now and I am too tired to continue with this list… FOR NOW.

So I will continue soon. Check back. 🙂

Happy Niching! – (Totally Coining that term)

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