More Than 1/3 Of All Recipes Posted To Pinterest, Are A Variation of Just One Dish

Revealed Today… More than 1/3 of All Recipes EVER posted on Pinterest, are found to be a variation of just one single dish.

The finding came to light after Pinterest user SoccerMomTastic decided to upload HER variation of the recipe, but was notified that the Pinterest Platform had hit it’s limit for this Recipe of 1 Billion Recipe variations.

I couldn’t believe it when I saw the Pinterest notification. I couldn’t believe that they have a limit of how many variations of a Recipe can be posted to Pinterest. Even more shocking, is I thought this Recipe was my own. It was passed down from my Grandmother to my Mother and then to me. I couldn’t believe that there were more than a billion variations of our family recipe.

Said user SoccerMomTastic

Reaching out to Pinterest CEO, Ben Silbermann, The Pinterest Times found that in fact there was a limit on the Platform to one Billion variations of a single Recipe, though Mr Silbermann Refused to comment on why this restriction was in place.

What Silberman did elect to comment on was that he suspected that many Pinterest users, upon coming across a Recipe they liked, then just added their own touch to the Recipe and Pin it as their own.

It’s a real problem for us. Across the Platform, Recipe piracy is a big problem. We are investing heavily in technology to crack down on this epidemic, but the Pirates get smarter every day. Piracy is a crime and we take this very seriously.

On further Investigation, the Pinterest Times has discovered that this singular recipe has accounted for more than 15 Billion Repins since the company founded in Jan 2010.

But what dish has created this crazy amount of variations…


It turns out… it’s simply a bowl of Cornflakes…

Favored by Moms everywhere… Have you forgotten how good they taste?

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More Than 1/3 Of All Recipes Posted To Pinterest, Are A Variation of Just One Dish