Link Building Strategies – 25 SEO experts share their best tips 2018

Link Building Strategies

We reached out to the SEO community to see what tips and strategies we could gather for Link Building Strategies in 2018. The response was Awesome!

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Link Building Strategies 2017

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Link Building Strategies by

Vladimir Gendelman

Founder and CEO of Company Folders

Outreaching is the most powerful method to build links, but it is also time consuming. Outreaching with content such as infographics is a great way to build links and build relationships, which should be your biggest focus. Building relationships with webmasters can lead to other opportunities and one lead could turn into something amazing. When doing outreach, it’s important to make sure you are contacting the right person that would be actually interested in your content. Because this can be a time consuming process, you don’t want to waste any with the wrong person.

Link Building Strategies by

Bryan Koontz,



One of the ways we at Guidefitter have been able to develop our inbound link strategy is by capitalizing on our business partner and manufacturer relationships. Given our unique business model, we’ve found immense success connecting our outdoor enthusiasts and the equipment manufacturers and leveraging our partnership into high-quality inbound links. Through this method of outreach we’ve noticed first-hand the impact it can have on our inbound marketing and digital leads, for both us and the guides that comprise our network.

Link Building Strategies by

Ian Phillips,

Digital Marketing Specialist

Inseev Interactive:

For our agency website our most linkable asset to date is an informational blog post titled “Even More Ways to Find Someone’s Email Address” ( This post discusses all things “link-worthy” in addition to what aspects of content are crucial for backlinking success. Is the blog post unique? Check. Does the information answer readers’ questions or solve their problems? Yes. Creating backlinks is all about unique and quality content that is worthy of naturally occurring links. Some blogs share “unique” content that is simply a rewrite of mundane and overused topics or listicles. In our blog post, readers can find a reference to HubSpot’s ‘8 Hacks to Find Anyone’s Email Address’. Instead of rewriting these tips by changing a few words to create “unique” content, our own ideas were brainstormed and compiled into an insightful post that supplements the HubSpot piece and offers additional tips for our readers.

Link Building Strategies by

Max Schleicher,

Content and SEO Director at ReviewTrackers @ReviewTrackers

Almost nothing beats original research when it comes to backlinks. Why? You own the conversation.
Most content people produce only adds to the conversation — but original research lets you start a new conversation. Here’s what I mean.
When we published a report about Local SEO, suddenly we’ve got data on how millennial search and data on the funnel for local search. No one else has that data, so we own the conversation. When someone wants to talk about it, they have to reference our report. That’s how you get links.
By doing an official report, you’re also much more likely to get the ear of a reporter.. Almost no reporter is going to pay attention to a blog post, but once you’ve got a statistically significant sample of data, their ears perk up.

Link Building Strategies by

Joe Sloan

at Advice Media.

A strong backlink profile is extremely important for a site’s rankings and their Domain Authority.
Our top 3 link building strategies we use for our clients and our own link building efforts include;
  1. Finding all existing links. Looking through Google News for mentions of our clients and then generic searches for practice and Doctor names. We then take a look at local news sites and do site searches, because we find local articles that may not show up in normal searches. We then setup Google alerts to be sure we catch any mention.
  2. We reach out to local news organizations on behalf of our clients and have set up recurring monthly article segments ‘Ask the Dentist’ for instance. Great exposure and authority all while building relevant links.
  3. Again, leveraging our client’s expertise we put them in touch with writers through services like HARO or even our own internal network of writers.

Tyler Riddell

Vice President of Marketing eSUB Construction Software.  LinkedIn:

There are some effective ways to back link content and achieve the best results for SEO. They include:

Use the broken-link building method by contacting a webmaster and informing them of broken links on their website. Then recommend replacing the link with a link to your website.

Backlink with info-graphics which you post to influential online publications such as Mashable.

​Promote your own content online

Write testimonials and case studies

Use media contacts such as journalists and large scale bloggers

Link Building Strategies by

Nasir Uddin Shamim

Company Name: LateNightBirds


Here are my Top 3 Link Building Tips:
1. Scholarship Links: Build a Scholarship page on your site (regarding any niche) and offer a $1500 worth of videos or content scholarship. Mention that, those who are eligible will get all the $1500 worth of contents in a time span of 5 months for FREE. And submit your site to top edu websites who allow and give links to scholarship pages worldwide.
2. Beta Page & Product Launching Links: There are lots of website who are here to support the startups and Beta Page is exactly like those. Just Sign Up your new website (for which you are planning for building links) and submit. You will get a very good quality link. If you have 5 websites; submit all to them seperately.
3. Documents Link Building: Links from ranked pages are always important and carries a great link value to Google Eye. You see, Slideshare and Google Doc’s Public document ranks a lot better than a lot of article submission sites we know. So, my third best tip would be to create unique and interesting content and put it on a doc and make it publicly accessible on your Google Doc or Slideshare account. Bingo!

Link Building Strategies by

James McCarthy

Placement Labs

Good Afternoon, My name is James McCarthy, CEO of Placement Labs, an innovative SEO agency located in Daytona Beach, Florida. The best backlinking tip that I can provide for medium to advanced level SEOs is to try out a scholarship campaign for your company or your clients. .Edu backlinks are perhaps the most valuable top level domains a website can acquire, and getting backlinks from them is notoriously difficult.

The best way I have found to get these powerful backlinks is by creating an educational scholarship on behalf of a client and then, through a strong outreach campaign, you can get colleges and universities to share your scholarship on their Outside Scholarship pages. We have run multiples successful scholarship campaigns at Placement Labs, receiving dozens of .edu backlinks for our clients.

Link Building Strategies by

Spencer Coffman

The best way, bar far, to get good quality backlinks to your site is to write and post articles to as many different sites as possible. Articles should be roughly 500 to 700 words and should be short and to the point. They should be highly focused and include a short quip at the end with a call to action that gets readers to go to your site.
Place roughly 3 links within your article. Place one in the firstparagraph of your article, preferably within the first or second sentence. Thenplace another link a little more than halfway through the article. Finally,place a link at the end of the article, preferably in the last sentence of yourarticle. Sort of like a call to action getting readers to click the link formore great content.

All ofthese links should go to the same place, and that place will obviously be yourwebsite. Directing readers to a specific page or product onyour website is often better than simply taking them to the home page. They want to see more thingsrelated to the article they read. So take them to something as closely relatedas possible.

Once your article is written well and has 3 links included in the copy,it is time to submit it to different article sites or directories. Here is a great list of several places youcan post your articles. Simply navigate to a site,create an account, and then submit your article. Be sure to read the terms ofthe site so that you know how many links you can have, whether or not there isa word count requirement, and whether or not the content has to be original.
Once your article has been published on a site, you need to share it onall of your social media accounts. Inaddition, get as many people as you can to share it as well. The more exposureyou can get for your article the better. Even though you are promoting your article on a site that is not your own, it will help your site in a huge way. The reason is because you are providing deep backlinks. For example, when your article is published on another website and it links to your site that is a first tier backlink. Then, when you share that article on social media, now you have a second tier backlink. The more people that share your article the more tiered backlinks your website will have. This is great for domain ranking and authority.
Therefore, go ahead and start writing and submitting articles to as many sites as you can. Make sure to include a link to your site within the article. Then get as many people as you can to share those articles so that your site, and their site, will receive a higher ranking.

Link Building Strategies by

Anthony Kane,

Sr. SEO Strategist

1SEO Digital Agency

One of my favorite backlinking strategies is the scholarship strategy. While a little dated, I still find a lot of success with it. By creating a scholarship you not only have the ability to acquire coveted .edu backlinks but you also have the ability to give back to the community. There are plenty of ways to get creative with your scholarship to help get noticed and at the very least get listed on your local Universities sites.

Camille le Goff

Company site:

LinkedIn profile:

1 – Online mention claiming

Monitor the web for mentions of yourbusiness name or brand name using Google Alerts and various online tools availablesuch as BuzzSumo or Moz. If your brand was mentioned in an article but notlinked to your website, politely reach out to the journalists and ask them toadd in a link to the website. It’s always a win-win as adding the sourceprovides value to the online outlet’s readership and also gives a quality backlinkto your website.

2 – Broken link strategy

Put together a list of blogs, onlinemagazines and websites that are very relevant to your industry and then proceedto identify their broken links using a website crawler. If one of the brokenlinks initially linked to a resource or page which is similar to your businessthen you can reach out the publisher and suggest to update their link with a similarresource on your website.

3 – Competitor’s profile monitoring

Evaluate the backlink profile of your competitorsin order to identify link opportunities. Using backlink analysis tools such as Majesticyou can easily build a list of your competitors’ best backlinks and start takingactions depending on the opportunities you found out which could be a guestpost opportunity, a product give away, an expert interview, etc.

lysis Cababan 

Content Strategist

RapidVisa Philippines

The best backlinking strategies are;

1. Infographics – has long been used for backlinking also make sure that the infographics

has a separate embedable code too.

2. Tools – Create tools that website owners can use, code of the tools can be easily
               embeded for the to copy paste to their website or Blog.
3. Guest posting – keep it relevant and avoid exact keyword contextual link.

AJ Saleem 

Academic Director

Suprex Tutors Houston

My best tip would be to work on text anchoring. If you search up the words, “install now”, Adobe is one of the top links. This is due to the text anchoring. If you have a specific search query you would like to add, work on adding text anchoring to your SEO.

Roman Daneghyan,

CMO at Renderforest

My top 3 tips are:

1. Interview Link Building: You can get backlinks by interviewing famous people in your niche. Simply find them through Google or Twitter, prepare the questions for the interview and send them a request. After you publish the interview in your blog, simply ask for placing the interview link on their website. Based on my experience, 2 from 5 people add links to their website.

2. Broken link building: Find blog articles in your niche that contain broken links, contact the author of the blog article and tell them about the broken links. After all ask them for a link to your website. Remember, always offer them something valuable, because no one is obliged to place non relevant links on their pages but if you offer something that can be a great addition to their content, they are likely to accept your request.

3. Discount Offers: Offer discounts to universities for using your products or services. Many universities have Student or Staff Discount Programs and you can get your link on their discount page by offering one. Remember, .edu links are powerful and you can get them for free by using this method.

Thanks,Roman 🙂

Samuel Scott,

a global marketing speaker and columnist for The Drum​

Link to website: ​

“The best and greatest numbers of links come as just natural by-products of good publicity and PR.
​Think about the days before the Internet. Newspapers and magazines would mention products, companies, or information published by businesses​ in articles and stories. Today, those newspapers and magazines are online news sites and blogs — but the same idea applies. Those mentions will often include links — and bloggers who read stories on major news sites and write about them will often include links as well. For a list of traditional publicity tactics that can be applied in a digital context, I once published this extensive guide on the Moz Blog.
​Stop thinking directly about how to get links. Think about how to get publicity, and the links will come naturally without you needed to think about them.​”​

Amy Kilvington,

Blinds Direct (

First, connect with influencers. Identify the bloggers, YouTubers and social media influencers that are most relevant to the brand, and reach out to them to develop a relationship. Influencers hold serious value, providing coverage to a much wider audience, driving traffic and generating high quality content for you to reuse. Most importantly, they’ll provide strong and relevant backlinks your site.

Secondly, make sure the brand’s blog is regularly updated with quality content. Not only will this help to rank for key terms, but will stand you in better stead for gaining natural backlinks from other websites.. This in turn with help to increase domain authority, providing a boost up the search rankings.

And finally, make use of journalist databases. Signing up to the likes of HARO and keeping an eye on the #journorequest hashtag on Twitter will allow you to provide your input where applicable, securing your website features in a range of publications.

Jason Scott

Digital Marketing Specialist
Archway Cards Ltd

One of my favourite link building strategies at the moment is responding to journalist enquiries. Everyday, thousands of journalists are looking for content that they can publish on blogs, in newspapers or on online publications. This may include quotes, data, opinions or facts from experts within the field. As someone in that field, you have the opportunity to provide journalists with good quality content that they can use to improve their article. If they like your input, they’ll publish it and will often credit you with a link back to your website. It’s very much ‘white-hat’ in the sense that it’s unique, editorial content that provides genuine value to users.

Link Building Strategies by

Ryan Scollon
Marketing Team Leader | Bowler Hat.

The best tip for building backlinks is content. Great content that helps provide value and information are the most linked to pages on the web. But creating that piece of content is only half the job. Most people spend a few hours writing a post and then they expect it to magically obtain links overnight.
Once you post is created, you need to start the outreach process. This could be via email or even social, but start by reaching out to sites/people who you think might like or find your post useful. You can then start to look at the other sites that rank on page 1 for your post. So if your post is based on ‘How to get more backlinks’, check out every site that is ranked on page 1 of Google for ‘How to get more backlinks’ and check out the backlinks to those posts. Then reach out to those linking sites and tell them that you have a post that is better, fresher etc and convince them to update the link to your site instead.
Of course, there is a lot more detail to the two approaches above, and there are loads of other tactics that spiral off these two main ones. But you get the idea. Too many people are doing ass backwards link building, or they are even paying an SEO company to do it ass backwards for them. Building links is fairly easy once you know what you are doing, you just need to provide value and earn them. Don’t fall victim to ass backwards link building, but if you already feel like you are, check out this guide to help:

Link Building Strategies by

Timmy Griffin

SEO & Digital Marketing consultant

Fantastic Pest Control

Here are my two best SEO tactics for backlinks.
Best proven link building technique is to seek out other site, blogs, forums and generally webmasters that are in close relation with your niche. Suggest to them that you will publish a blog post/article that will target a topic searcher are looking for. The benefit for the webmaster/s will be a link from that one article to their website. All he has to do is either offer a spot on their blog or link to that article as well.
Don’t work only with a single webmaster. Try to reach out to more people so that you can spin this in a sequence and start building a web of connections. You will either get a link from that webmaster in the same or another form or you will get to post on their blog. Either way, you will be ahead and you’ll be earning links.

Link Building Strategies by

Aleksandar Ratkovic

“Neparno 10” agency

1. We use CC photos from Flickr on client’s blog, occasionally. When we publish blog post, we message photo author on Flickr to notify him/her. Some of them are happy to see their photo on other website/blog so they share link on networks or their blog.
2. We write blog post on client’s site with top10 list of relevant stuff. For instance, for client who sell stove parts we made list of 10 best stove repair services in his City. Lot of them share that on social networks and some of them link to list from their site.
3. We make interview with some relevant person. If possible famous one, but not necessarily. Once we got link even from Wikipedia because that was only interview with new, young actor.

Link Building Strategies by

Issabel Williams

Senior Marketing Specialist

Handyman London Please

Backlink strategies are an important part of the successful online marketing and they can help you increase your website’s traffic, reputation, rank and much more.
First of all, fix all technical errors on your site. These errors hurt the user experience and Google limits your organic traffic growth. When this task is done it’s time to focus on the valuable content. Your content strategy and the effort of writing a content that people will love to share can make your SEO campaign successful.
1.Outreach – Answer questions or write valuable content
Reporters and authors write posts where you can contribute and share your knowledge and experience. Find posts that are relevant to the niche/topic you are writing about and this will increase your chances to be quoted or linked back to.
2.Guest Blogging
This strategy may take a lot of time and effort but guest blogging on well-known sites linking back to yours will significantly increase your organic traffic and also build strong site authority. For this strategy, the key is to gain a long-term relationship that can open for you more writing opportunities in the future..
3.The Skyscraper Technique
This technique turns content into high quality backlinks. The main idea is to start searching for topics, trends and already well-known materials covering your business niche and then creating a content that represents things in a better/unique way. And at the end reach sites and people that may have an interest in your content. Again you can research for opportunities with the Ahrefs Site Explorer.
As a conclusion, high quality content is the key for your successful backlink strategy and getting a link back to your site from trusted sources can also drive traffic to the content you have worked hard to create.

Link Building Strategies by


Digital (

Hearst DMS (

SEO is all about relevance and backlinks are no exception.  Taking the time to gather and organize potential backlinks the same way you would a website, keyword structure, or an ad campaign can help you get the most out of your backlink profile.  Ensuring that the most relevant backlinks are directed at the most relevant content will cue both the search engines and the user of topical relevance, continuing to build authority for your pages.  Remember, search is always page by page so diversifying your link profile to valuable subpages can help broaden the spectrum of queries for which your site is found.

Link Building Strategies by

Ben Sibley

Founder of Compete Themes

Backlinking tip

If you have dozens of pages you want to rank higher, build links to a category page instead. This way, all of the pages the category archive links to will benefit from the backlinks you create.

You don’t need to use a regular category archive either. As long as the pages are thematically related, you can publish a new page on the subject and link to the pages you want to be ranked. This can be done by adding links manually or using a WordPress plugin like Posts in Page to keep the links completely dynamic.

Backlinking is time consuming enough already. By targeting better pages (or creating better link targets), you can squeeze more value out of every link you build.

Link Building Strategies by

Name: Scott Colenutt

Company: SiteVisibility


  1. Competitor Link Intersecting

If you’re not familiar with the process of competitor link intersecting, I’d highly recommend following this article from Moz: It’s been just over four years since that post above was published but I still find myself referring back to it and using it as a guide for advanced link analysis.
If you’re not familiar with competitor link intersecting, it’s the process of finding websites that link to several of your competitors, but that don’t link to you. Though this can be time-consuming, I’ve found it an excellent exercise to help identify gaps in link profiles and help me gain quick insights into competitor link building strategies.
Beyond links, it can also help with idea generation for PR and content marketing.

2.  Leverage Existing Contacts

When it comes to promoting content or exploring link building opportunities for the first time, exploring your existing contacts is always a good place to start (but is often overlooked!). Asking people who are already connected with you in some way is likely to yield quicker results than having to build relationships from scratch.
For example, think about exploring your social media followers, previous customers, partners, distributors and email subscribers. Who is already connected to you that has a website? Who is already a friend or advocate of your business and is sharing things without being prompted? These people are likely to be more receptive to your ideas and emails.
It can also be a useful exercise to run through Google Analytics. Who is sending you referral traffic that you’ve never spoken to before? Maybe they’d be receptive to collaborations or other link building ideas seeing as they’ve already linked to you in the past?

3. Dropped Domains

Running through the process of capturing a dropped domain can be really useful if you’re starting a side-project and want to get up and running fast. You have to be careful to ensure you don’t buy a burned domain, but if executed correctly, it can be really good way of helping you to hit the ground running with a new site. There’s a really in-depth guide here for people who aren’t familiar with the concept and want to know about some of the common pitfalls to avoid.

Link Building Strategies by

Name: David Akara

Company: Verhaal


Backlinks are the holy grail of SEO. They should at least serve a dual role, firstly as a backlink and also as a traffic source. Getting a backlink from Flipboard does both greatly. Flipboard has a Page authority of 92 and Domain authority of 90, this is about as good as you can easily get a free quality backlink to your site. Not just that you get the juicy backlink, you also get lots of traffic to your site from Flipboard. I have successfully used this strategy for 6 months to boost my Page authority from 1 to 27

Link Building Strategies by

NameBrianna Valleskey

Title: Marketing consultant and founder, Brave Ink

CompanyBrave Ink (

The best tip for getting verified backlinks to your website is to contribute guest content to popular blogs within your industry or vertical. Start by contacting the website or blog and ask if they accept guest posts. If so, ask for any content guidelines or preferred topics. The you can pitch a few topics with a 1-3 sentence outline. Once your topic is accepted, draft a guest post that links back to relevant content your website (preferably specific content, such as blog posts or other resources). If the guest post goes live, share it across your social networks. Repeat this same process (but always submit original content) with other popular blogs in your industry

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