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As blogging is a passion of mine, I spend a lot of time reading other people’s blogs.

And as bloggers, we can all help each other grow by referencing good content when we see it.

If you have an article I might find interesting, please feel free to send it to me here:

Blog Posts I found interesting – Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy and Essential oils is a new trend in my house… we picked up our first Diffuser over Christmas and have since been experimenting with different options.

That’s how I came across this article by Mitch Ryan, about Ultama Spice: Natural Aromatherapy.

We picked up a couple of these to try and are definitely worth checking out.

Blog Posts I found Interesting – Traveling Abroad Anytime soon?

When I was heading on holidays last winter, we were looking for somewhere unique to go on a short City Break…

Came across this article by What Laura Loves, and got some inspiration.

We didn’t end up travelling in the end unfortunately, but this definitely got my imagination going.

Check out Top Winter City Break Destinations

Blog Posts I found interesting – Are you watching the Real Estate Market?

Came across an interesting post by Mike Mcnamara on his 3 Predictions for the 2019 Real Estate Industry.

This is focused on the US market primarily, but he does predict a huge gap in market strength.

What do you think of his predictions?

Blog Posts I found interesting – Herbal Tea

Again on my never ending search for ways to make me feel better so I can perform at a higher level… I came across this gem of an article by the Amazing Tea CompanyHerbal Tea Does The Body Good – Benefits of Lemon and Mint Tea

They also have a number of other posts on their blog about the benefits of healthy teas. So definitely worth checking this one out.

Blog Posts I found Interesting – Affiliate Marketing Book List

I am always looking to learn more about affiliate marketing. It is my favourite way to monetise a blog and make a little extra cash online.

This book list by Hustle Life, gives their list of Best Affiliate Marketing books from 2018.

Some good reads in here for sure – Even read a few myself.

Blog Posts I found interesting:


Since I passed 30, I have been actively looking at different ways to improve my health. No more eating McDonalds for Breakfast Lunch and Dinner.

I had never heard of Matcha Tea before, but reading this blog post by Appuntisulblog, definitely open my eyes to this Biohack.

Worth checking out.

Interesting Blog Posts

Personality Development- What is it and why is it important in today’s world?

I am always looking to improve myself. Seems that I am on a never ending journey, seeking out new knowledge and focusing on implementing it on a daily basis.

This article by Beauties of Amu is a nice reminder of some of the basics of Personality Development that everyone should be aware of.

Worth checking out.

Interesting Blog Posts

What Your Google Search History Says About You

I’m a strong believer that it is always important to find time in life to have an old laugh every now and then. There are a number of both useful and humorous articles on The Sunny Side of Something blog, but I read this one recently and couldn’t help loling.

Check it out if you are in the mood for a giggle.

Interesting Blog Posts – Vegan Keto Sesame Cookies!

Found some amazing recipes on My Dainty Soul Curry – Nice healthy food options.

Particularly fond of their Vegan Keto Sesame Cookies, as Keto is something I am particularly interested in.

If you are looking for a healthy alternative to get through those cookie cravings… definitely worth checking this out.

Interesting Blog Posts – Going on a road trip anytime soon?

Who doesn’t like a good Road Trip?

Just you, the road, peace and tranquillity… or maybe a couple of screaming kids in the back, or a bunch of drunk friends?

Either way they are always sure to be memorable…

Came across an awesome post by A Trip with a View on How to get the most of your next road trip.

Worth checking out before you plan your next trip…

Interesting Blog Posts – Did you ever see that movie Limitless?

Ever wondered what it would be like if you were as smart as that guy?

Well there is a new craze hitting the internet these days, called Nootropics. Basically these are smart pills… and whether they work or not, I came across an awesome article by Immovable Mind on The Ultimate Guide to Nootropics.

Worth checking it out.

Book I found interesting

I know this one is slightly different to the topic of this post, but I came across this by checking out the blog of Adrian Sturrock.

His blog is an interesting insight into daily life, with a unique sense of humour that keeps things interesting.

So why not check out his book if you are looking for some light reading: