349 Hacks To Increase Website Traffic FAST! – for FREE… Right Now!

349 Hacks To Increase Website Traffic FAST! – for FREE!

So you want to increase website traffic fast?

If you want this done FAST, then you are going to want to focus on methods that have an impact quickly, and preferably don’t take up to much of your time right?

Not to worry…

I’ve got you covered!

Here is a list of 349 Hacks to Increase Website Traffic fast… because sometimes you’re just in a hurry.

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#1 – Hack to increase Website Traffic FAST! – for FREE!

Contact 10 People To Write A Guest Post For you

So the title of this blog is focused on increasing website traffic. This would assume that you already have some level of traffic am I right?

If this is the case, your website probably has some level of authority, meaning it is valuable to others who are trying to grow their website, thanks to that big juicy backlink they get from you when they write your guest blog…

But how does this benefit you?

Well to start…

You get a nice tender piece of new content to be indexed for your blog, and to ascend those treacherous search engines that little bit further right?

That’s a WIN right there.

But there is more to this too….

We want to increase website traffic fast right?

And sitting around waiting for search engine growth is not going to get the adrenaline pumping any time soon.


Because you have a guest blogger now, it is likely that they are going to share the blog they wrote you with their following.

This gives you a whole new audience to feed on.

And what work did you have to do to get it?

Send out a few Emails, and copy and paste the posts they send you.

Not bad for a quick little spike in that Google Analytics graph right?


How do you find these mystical creatures called guest bloggers?

Well it’s simple, go where they already are, and you will see them right?

And where would the best guest bloggers want to be most?

In the best blogs of course… lol

So go to the best blogs in your niche and have a look through their content for guest bloggers.

Reach out to them by Email… and sit back and watch the traffic roll in.

#2 – Hack to increase Website Traffic FAST! – for FREE!


Probably the most effective way to get instant FREE traffic to a website…

You can literally drive thousands of viewers your way, with the right, strategically placed post on Reddit.

But this beast is a delicate one to tame…

Redditors do not like to be marketed too.

They are there for the community, and if they wanted to buy something… they would go to Amazon.com.

For the most part anyway.,,

There are strategies you can implement to get relevant targeted traffic once you thread carefully.

To start…

Follow their “reddiquette”, which basically means you need to have 10 community related posts for every promotional one.

When you do promote something too, try to keep it relevant.

For example, your post about your shaving product, is not going to go down well on the /r/funny subreddit.

If you do manage to tame this beast without getting shadow banned though, not only is it a great source of traffic, but it is great for your websites growth too, with authority backlinks social signals coming from Reddit.

WTF is Shadowbanned?

If you don’t know what this is, hopefully you haven’t been on Reddit for a while now, posting your promotional material and wondering why nobody is responding? lol

Shadowbanning, has to be the coldest way to discourage marketers ever… it’s quite genius actually.


Reddit never tells you they are actually banning you…

They just make it look like no1 is responding to you posts.

So you sit there wondering, what the hell is going on. Likely wasting your own time, posting material to nobody!


Up for more laughs? Check out our Secret Silly SEO Experiment with Reddit Traffic:

R/AskReddit, the SECRET Badass SEO hack – (This is Diabolical)!

#3 – Hack to increase Website Traffic FAST! – for FREE!

Twitter & Twitter Cards

Yes, welcome to the suggestion about the unpopular Social Media Platform in the School yard.

The one that all the other Social Media Platforms pick on…

And yes, Twitter may not have the raw Awesome power that Facebook has, or the underground cult power that Reddit has, but there is still alot that you can do with this tweety bird…

My 2 recommendations are as follows…

Firstly, ensure that you have enabled Twitter Cards in your content.

If you are using WordPress, you can do this through the Yoast Plugin.

Just go to SEO -> Social -> Twitter and enter the settings as follows:

Increase Website Traffic Fast!

If you don’t have Yoast… or even worse, if you don’t have WordPress **FACEPALM**

Just Google it… I’m sure you can figure it out. :0


Setup some automation on Twitter.

This is a really good site to use automation on, because who ever really goes back and checks on your previous tweets right?

So my recommendation is to pick up a tool like buffer, and start tweeting out your content on a loop.

Add a ton of #s and tag top people in your niche too for every post.

It’s unlikely those people will notice, and hey… if they do, maybe that’s an introduction for you!

What is more likely though is that you will reach their audience, and since they are the top in your niche, you know you want them looking at your content. Right?

#4 – Hack to increase Website Traffic FAST! – for FREE!

Facebook and Facebook Groups…

Ok, I have been studying tactics around organic growth hacks on Facebook and one that I come across again and again is as follows:

  • Setup A Fake Profile
  • Join a Load of Niche Relevant Groups
  • Post Content To those Groups
  • Anyone that interacts with that content, add them as a friend
  • Then begin to usher them into your own groups.

This seems like a legit strategy for Facebook growth, but there is one problem with it…


I can’t setup Fake Facebook groups without getting caught…

Even when I use VPN’s, clear cache and try to interact with Facebook as a normal non-marketer human being would… they still somehow catch me and start bulking on the security measures.

I even bought a second phone to try get through the security measures, but they copped on to this too.

Smart Bastards.


While this is a legit strategy, and I personally know people it has worked for very well… I can’t verify it’s effectiveness because of this little issue.

So I will say this…

I have given you the knowledge, do with it as you please.

My own current efforts revolve just around being an active member in groups I like.

I do have some success with this however, and success is the key here.

In alot of the bigger, more active groups, you are not allowed to promote obviously.


You are usually allowed to discuss any success you might have had.

So this is what I do, and what you will find is that people get drawn in and tend to reach out to you to get a piece of that sweet success.

Makes sense right?

Another tactic I like to use with active groups, is to give away something for FREE, but the only condition is that if they want it, they must comment something in the post.

Each comment then bumps you up to the top of the group, which maintains your visibility.

The only problem with this, is that what you get very good results, you have to reach out to these people somehow…

And doing this, is likely to get you slapped on the nose by Facebook too.

I have tried variations of this, and have yet to find something that works on mass, but I do get decent results, and decent opt-in rates for this method.

#5 – Hack to increase Website Traffic FAST! – for FREE!



Youtube may seem like a pretty obvious one, but trust me… I have saved the best for last!

Did you know that Youtube is no ranked the second biggest website in the world?

That’s right…

It’s bigger than Facebook!

Smart buy by Google right?

Well the amount of traffic you can drive from this beast is also just as impressive.

And sure…

We all know what can happen if a video goes viral on Youtube.

But let’s look at some of the lesser known tactics to get FREE traffic FAST from Youtube.

My first recommendation is that you add links in your description for every video.

Did you just say to yourself… D’uh?

But did you notice that I said links, plural?

There is a reason for that…

Sure we all know that if you want to send traffic from a Youtube video, you need to have a link in the description.

But did you know that there are thousands of websites out there that pull videos onto their sites for content?

Think about that for a second…

If instead of just having the link in your description for where you want to drive traffic… imagine you added all your blog post links at the end of every description too.

That would mean, that those links go with your video when it is embedded into all those sites that scrape Youtube.

So you get lots of nice FREE backlinks to your blog articles!

Smart right?


Are these going to be highly valued links?

Alot of the time no. You do get some nice ones from time to time, but we are aiming for quantity over quality with this tactic.

Part 2 of this tactic.

Remember that our goal here is to generate tons of FREE backlinks, so keep an open mind here.

If we wanted to get as many of these sites as possible to pull our links onto their sites, we need to create content that is going to get a crap ton of views.

Now… no offence, but your little window in window live stream are not likely going to be hitting a million views anytime soon.

So what can we do?

A tactic I have found VERY useful, is Movie trailers.

Yes, you are going to get copyright claims on these videos, but who cares?

We are not looking to monetize them, and these videos in particular have a strong half life in the Youtube ecosystem.

You should give it a try…

For my next trick!

I’m going to recommend the only tool I use for Youtube SEO.

You see, tags are still KEY with Youtube Search Algorithms, despite them being disregarded in Google Search.

So Tag analysis is very important.

Add this to Keyword analysis and competitor analysis, and VidIQ is a powerhouse of an arsenal to have in your toolbelt.

I don’t recommend this tool lightly either. It’s the only Youtube tool I use.

I even broke 1 million views on a video for the first time recently thanks to this little gem.

And just take a look at that dashboard… right in your Youtube interface:

Increase Website Traffic Fast

And yes…

That is my video up there, just after passing 1.7 million views.

And yes…

That is my blog article there in the description.

I do practice what I preach.


I do highly recommend this tool, and you can pick up a copy here: VidIQ



Now that we have discussed how to get you tons of FREE traffic FAST…

We need to have a quick little chat about what to do with this new found power once you get it.

Remember… with great power comes great responsibility.

But really, there just comes a shit ton of money if you can manage it well.

And for that, I always only turn to 1 solution.

Check out my article on

What Does Clickfunnels Do? & How To Increase Sales Revenue?

This article is the best way I know to increase revenue from your customers…

Still not satisfied?… How about another 344 ways to increase your website traffic?


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Neil Patel

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Here is 23 Proven Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website by Forbes.

Again… Please tell me you know Forbes? 🙂


Here is 10 simple ways to increase your website traffic by Oncrawl

Oncrawl is the first SEO tool site on this list, and as an SEO crawler, they are bound to have a few nice tips on their blog… right?


Here is 5 High-Impact Strategies for Getting More Traffic by Shopify.

If you have heard of the term eCommerce, or drop-shipping, chances are you have probably attempted to build a Shopify store at some point. So it goes without saying, there are awesome nuggets of content to be found on their blog.


Here is How To Drive Traffic To Your Website In 2018: 35 Strategies That Work by Kajabi

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Allie Marie Design


Allie is A Graphic Designer who focuses on ‘creating beautifully designed visual identities and print collateral to help small businesses with big hearts elevate their marketing’.

Now… That’s 349 Ways to increase your website traffic fast!

So what have we learned?…

Well, if you actually spent the time to check out all the additional articles above… and you should… you’ll notice some trends.

There are common suggestions that come up in lots of people’s lists.

Guest Blogging…

Social Media…

Social Bookmarking etc. etc.

But there is one, that is sometimes the most important that rarely comes up in any list and it’s this…

The MOST IMPORTANT way to increase your website traffic fast.

There is a reason that there is alot of crossover in these lists…

Yes because often times, it’s because people add ways that work for them, so popular methods that actually work will be included frequently. But there is a little more to it than that…

Time to let the cat out of the box…

Another reason that is likely here, is because that smart bloggers know that creating a list like this, targeting a keyword like increase website traffic, and SEO optimising it, is a smart move to bring free traffic to our sites.

So what do we do?

We write maybe about a few methods that we use, and then we go and look at everyone elses lists and see what they wrote down an if that is something we should add to our list.

Especially, when having a higher number on your list can have a positive effect on your Click-Through-Rate.

But there are a couple of exceptions in my curated list of articles above, and these are the ones that stand out to me.

Brian Dean and Neil Patel, do SEO because they love it.

They are constantly testing the boundaries and leading the way forward for the rest of this.

Because of this…

They each come up with new insights, that nobody had ever thought up before.

They are originals.

And it’s not just their content that is original. They don’t just take others content, rewrite it and make it their own like alot of us do. (Me included sometimes)

Their whole CONCEPTS are original.

And because of this reason alone…

They are 2 of the most successful SEOs on the planet.

That to me, is the most important factor in increasing website traffic.

It may not be as fast as you like, and it may be frustrating… trust me, I know…

But it’s like that quote from The Social Network Movie:


I’m not saying you are gonna make a billion dollars by just being original.


If you do something you are passionate about, produce high quality content around that topic and work on distributing it through the 349 methods above…

It might just mean the difference between you making some money from something, to you being an industry leader.

So maybe instead of looking for the FAST traffic…

Maybe look for growth rate methods…

Just my 2 cents.


If you want to learn more on this topic from someone who can explain it WAAAYYY better than I can, I highly recommend you check out EXPERT SECRETS by Russell Brunson. – It’s going for FREE right now.




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