Increase Blog Traffic – CTR Strategy & 32 Experts Share their Tips!

Increase Blog Traffic


So you have an awesome piece of content, and you have started to move up the SERPs, but now you are wondering,

how do I increase blog traffic so that I keep & grow my rankings right? 

The good news?

It can be a lot easier than you think!

Today we are going to take a look at Click Through Rates (CTR) as it pertains to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how you can improve it so that it works for your business. 

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What is Click through rate? 

Click through rate in SEO, refers to the percentage of people that, after querying a Search Engine, pick your result out of the list of Search Engine results.

But don’t take my word from it, here is an Awesome guy with an even more awesome beard from Prodo Digital to take you through it, in under 2 minutes:

What is a good CTR rate to Increase Blog Traffic?

The simple answer to the commonly asked question, of what is a good CTR rate, is “the most optimized one”. 

What I mean is, realistically it doesn’t matter if your click through rate is 5% or 50%, but what matters is that you are getting the most out of every effort you put into your content. 

Where CTR rate really matters, is if it is optimized correctly, it will begin to work for you and grow your business. 


Say for example, my article about link building is sitting on rank 6 for keywords “Link Building”, on for Ireland. 

My original Google Layout for this article when displayed is as follows:

Link Building 2017 | Dublin SEO | Search Engine Optimization

3 days ago – Link Building in the minds of the SEO consultants here at Dublin SEO services can often be compared to mine sweeping.

Not bad copy don’t you think? It’s keyword rich, its Time specific and Geo located, and it contains the first sentence from the article as it’s description.


This display format is actually hindering my SEO attempts.

The content of the article is good, it’s informative, keyword rich and adds real value. Not only that, but I have spent time marketing it, and people appreciate the value in the article and I am getting nothing but positive feedback. 

So why is it that my article is not moving up in rankings, it is dropping?

The Effect​​

Lets put ourselves in the shoes of the user. 

Imagine for a moment, that I am a shoe store owner. (Yes I went there). I know very little about SEO, but I have heard that I need to do some link building to get my website to grow, so where do I go? 

I go to Google of course.

Type in “Link Building“, and immediately, my mind is impressed upon by the first 6-7 articles on the page. (Studies show that your short term memories can retain 5-7 items).

I know of course, the first result in the search, is what Google is telling me is the most relevant result.

This is where most people like me will go. The second biggest percentage of people will go to the second result, third to the third etc.

But say I am a curious fella, and I actively scan the entire 6-7 results. What will I look for?

I will look for the words that engage me most.

Simple as that. Engaging words. 

If my article does not contain engaging words in the Search Engine results, then it simply will deteriorate eventually to the point where it is getting n0 traffic. And that won’t help to increase blog traffic, right?

If however, I have engaging WORDS, in my article display result, then a % of the curious minds that scan the first 6-7 results will, by the laws of probability select my article. 

Makes sense right?

Now, I mentioned above that my article was ranked sixth. If my article begins to get more clicks than the article in position 5, the awesomeness of Google’s Search Algorithms will sit up and take notice.

Gotta increase blog traffic!

The Algorithms, will know that, if more people are clicking on position 6 than on position 5, that this is something that people want to see. So they will prop my article up to position 5, giving me a higher share in the non-curious minded users’ traffic.

If I then add this new found piece of the pie, to my engaging words I may get to the point where I start to out-perform position 4, then position 3 etc. 

And that is how Copy can work for your benefit.

The CTR Method

So how do I make my copy stand out?

Or more importantly, how do YOU make YOUR copy stand out? 

Well there are a couple of things to take into consideration here.

Once you are aware of the fact that you need your search engine results to stand out from the average default result, you may be in a position where you can get creative and come up with some methods to do this yourself.


Most of us are not that creative.

When investigating puzzles like this, I tend to focus on data as the determining factor. And luckily, there is an abundant amount of data that we can easily access for free on this matter, to help us increase blog traffic.

Increase Blog Traffic

To date, despite all the Self Driving Cars, Android operating systems or Googleglasses, advertising still accounts for the vast majority of Google’s multi-billion yearly revenue. 

Because of that, you know that there is a tonne of money and therefor, data going through Google Adwords.

And because there is so much money being spent here, any Digital Marketer worth his weight in salt, will test the performance of there Ad copy over and over to get the most optimal results.

Well the good news is: 

This is exactly what we are looking to do, and we can simply Google our keywordsand look for these Expert Digital Marketers who are spending millions, and copy exactly what they are saying for our keywords…for FREE. 🙂

The Optimized Result


Taking the example I mentioned above:

Link Building 2017 | Dublin SEO | Search Engine Optimization

3 days ago – Link Building in the minds of the SEO consultants here at Dublin SEO services can often be compared to mine sweeping.

I went to and typed in my Keywords “Link Building Service” (I used the word ‘service’ to make my query a buying signal and increase the probability of targeted ads) and low and behold, I got a number of ads from which I could take specific keywords and phrases and apply it to my own copy. 

The result of which was this:

Fast & Effective Link Building Strategy – Get Started Today

3 days ago – Easy to learn and quick to implement Link Building strategies, you can use to Grow your Business, right now.

Now, which would you prefer?

The new copy, has lots of picture painting support keywords, such as:

  • Fast & Effective
  • Easy to Learn
  • Quick to Implement

And engaging Call to Action words such as:

  • Get Started 
  • Grow your Business
  • Right Now

All of this, definitely makes my ad now stick out from the crowd, my click through rate to go up and hopefully, my Google rank position to grow and increase blog traffic. 

That’s it…

Simple right? That’s all you need to increase blog traffic!

You too can use this method to out perform your competition with words. There will be some trial and error, but using the above method will definitely get you thinking strategically and increase your probability for growth.

Bonus Material – Tips from 32 Experts on how they increase their blog traffic!

Increase Blog Traffic Tips by Expert:

Alok Rana
Traffic Driving tips, LoudTechie

There are so many ways to drive traffic to your blog and if you ask me all
methods are easy to follow but it really depends on what type of content
you have on your blog.

Let me share some of the implemented traffic driving methods 
I’ve used on my blog
and some which I am soon going to try out on my blog.

*Here are some of my tips on driving traffic:*

*#1 Search Engine approach:* The organic traffic is the most important
approach if one can drive organic traffic that could be the best thing you
can do.

But how to get organic traffic?

Few things you can do to get better ranking and organic traffic.

*- Create long articles and include high authority resource links for your

*- Target long tail keywords for optimized internal linking within your

*- Always be resourceful and problem-solving with your content.*

*#2 Social Media traffic:* There is a long list of social media traffic
methods. Social media traffic is instant traffic it won’t last long for any
kind of content. But it can reach out to many new readers which can turn to
be your subscribers or clients.

Best social media sites to drive traffic are *StumbleUpon, Reddit, Hacker
News and Pinterest*.

*#3 Content Repurposing:* Most of the bloggers are ignoring content
repurposing which is not a wise thing to do. I am using many content
repurposing methods and believe me it can light up your old dead content
pretty well.

But you should also update your old outdated content before repurposing it.

Places to repurpose your content for more exposure and traffic are Medium,
GrowthHackers, AllTop, and many more. Here is a list of places I
use to repurpose my content 

There is one topic related to driving to old blog posts. Almost all of the
bloggers create quality content and then let it lost in the blog archives
which they shouldn’t be. There are so many things you can do to improve
traffic to your old blog content
and here are some of the methods I have tried out on my blog.

I hope you will find these tips helpful for you to drive more traffic to
your blog.

Increase Blog Traffic Tips by Expert:

Jason Mills
Digital Marketing Director/Owner, Rise Online,

I used to run a successful fantasy football website that generated around 100,000 hits per month. I sold the site in April but these are my top tips for how I grew the traffic.

1. Quality and Quantity Are King

The number one tip I could give is to produce quality content that people will want to read. Of course, it helps (from an organic traffic point of view) if there is a decent amount of search volume for the associated blog but you should focus your attention on writing quality blogs on a regular basis. I would write 500-800 word articles 5 times per week with a real focus on quality. That doesn’t mean that is the secret formula, you have to write what is best for you and when it is best for you and your audience.

2. Build Authority

If your blog posts are going out multiple times each week you are not going to have the time (or perhaps the resources) to create backlinks for them. Focus your link-building on the homepage or inner content hub pages to build authority to your brand. My blog posts would index almost instantly (and always within 2 hours) without needing to submit the URL thanks to the authority of the site. For my site, the blog was time and date sensitive and it would rank for the times and dates that were being searched.

3. Grow Your Email and Engage With Your Audience

This comes back to top number 1. If you have quality content being produced over a significant amount of time and you are consistent with it then people will want more of it.

Build your email list by having a simple sign up form. If the content is good then you don’t need to be too aggressive with pop-ups.

I would then engage my email list by sending them the first paragraph or two of the newest blog with a ‘read more’ link attached. This had an incredibly high click through rate (over 50% of my email opens) and sent the traffic back to my blog which in turn helps your overall SEO efforts.

Increase Blog Traffic Tips by Expert:

Jon Culshaw
Timber Ninja, Gate Expectations by Inwood,

1. Give something away to your local community, and tell people about
it. We give free wood from our workshops to local schools. When we
initially blogged about it, it led to traffic from news websites, social
media and a number of academic sites. We supply services nationally but
some of our target audience is also local to us, so as well as
supporting a good cause (the next generation of woodworkers), we raised
our profile locally whilst driving traffic from across the country.

2. Use different content formats to attract traffic and coverage from
different types of website. We publish ‘how to‘ guides that give step-by-step 
instructions accompanied by images, short-form content about news in
our industry, and comprehensive guides that include tables of
information and infographics. Each type of content has its place in
attracting traffic and coverage from a range of different sources. The
people who read, share and link to our glossary page are not the same
people who read, share and link to our database of timber and
accompanying infographics, which gives us a larger overall audience.

3. Publish content that helps others. Our bread-and-butter content is
guides that show people how to do a certain task. We try and help both
beginners and more advanced practitioners, which broadens our appeal and
allows us to show our own expertise. A lot of these guides are
‘evergreen’ as they’re as valuable now as they will be next year, which
gives more of an incentive for others to link to, read and share them.

Increase Blog Traffic Tips by Expert:

Jacqueline Darna 
CEO & Medical Inventor of NoMo Nausea

Blogging for the now:

1. Know your audience and speak directly to them, your SEO efforts should
be written as though how they are going to search for your blog title.

2. Write about what is trending, in the news, or a question on a lot of
people’s minds.

3. Do your homework on Google Keyword tool before you start writing by
making sure you hit all the major key words that people are actually
searching for.

For example, I live in Florida and we recently just had hurricane Irma
passed through. I invented NoMo Nausea Band, a peppermint essential oil
infused acupressure wristband clinically proven to stop morning sickness in
pregnancy in 30 seconds. My most recent blog and pregnancy pukeology
podcast where written about Does a hurricane cause labor?

Increase Blog Traffic Tips by Expert:

Alexandervan Dijl 
Customer Happiness Manager

1: YouTube Video: Making video content has been a great way of driving
traffic. Ensuring that the video description includes a link and that the
video is also published on the website has helped drive thousands of
visitors to the blogs each month.

2: Comment strategy: Allowing visitors to comment and actively promoting it
helps push the blog higher in the Google results, again driving huge

3: LIVE video: Both Facebook and YouTube are great for spreading live
video. LIVE show up higher in YouTube search results and thereby drives
more traffic faster.

Increase Blog Traffic Tips by Expert:

Kia Barocha
Content Marketing Strategist at Digital Success

Here is my well tested tip for increasing traffic to our blog. Hope you’d
like it:

Immediately after I hit the publish button for a blogpost, I make sure to
fetch it via Googlebot under Google Search Console account which gets it
indexed within seconds.

Secondly, since our blog is highly focused on providing business owners
insights about digital marketing and business growth strategies, so we have
got our profiles setup on specific marketing communities such as
GrowthHackers, Bizsugar, Reddit etc. Therefore, once our post is indexed
(after implementing the first step mentioned above), I immediately share it
under our profiles on the aforementioned channels and other top-authority
social media channels. You will be amazed to see the amount of referral
visits you can get from these niche-focused communities. These marketing
communities have now become a great source of referral traffic for our

Increase Blog Traffic Tips by Expert:

Kirsten Taylor
Marketing Communications Manager
Curtis 1000

1. Link the post with all forms of social media. You can share the blog
post on Facebook, include a snippet and a link to the post on Twitter, and
then also attach the post to your LinkedIn page. This helps the post reach
as many people connected with your brand as possible.
2. Use an automated process that sends out the blog posts on a regular
schedule. Utilizing an automated process ensures that your blog posts are
posted on time and at the best time when your audience is most likely to be
3. Keyword research is a great tool to optimize your blogs for terms
commonly searched for by your target audience. Including the top searched
terms for the topic of your blog in the title and content of the blog helps
improve your chances of being seen in the google searches by your audience.

Increase Blog Traffic Tips by Expert:

Chris Brantner

1. Find guest contributor spots. While some people think guest blogging is
dead, the truth is that if you become a regular contributor for high
authority domains, it will not only help build your name as an expert in
your field, but it will also help you gain high-quality links.
2. Answer HARO requests. HARO is a wonderful way to gain links back to your
site. Sign up for the list, get reporter queries to your inbox each day,
and answer as many as you can. It’s one of the best ways I’ve gained links
for my newest site,
3. Become reporters best friend. Reporters have hard jobs. Find reporters
who are in your niche, engage with them on Twitter, and feed them useful
info. No, not just your own stuff. In fact, wait to pitch them on yourself
until you’ve provided them a real service.

Increase Blog Traffic Tips by Expert:

Kelley Lauginiger
Content Strategist and E-Mail Marketing Specialist
American Freight Furniture and Mattress

Top Three Tried and Tested Tips To Throttle Traffic (Say That ThreeTimes Fast!):

1. Catchy Subjects and Titles 
People are more likely to open your email or read your blog if the title grabs their attention off the bat. How many times has a title made you giggle so opened it? Depending on your target audience, this may take some market research. Great places to research trending topics for wordplay are trending topics on Twitter, or hashtags on Instagram and Facebook.

2. Use Images and Videos to Grab Attention 
These days, content is not just about words. In fact, the less words used to convey your message the better. People are so inundated with information that videos and photos alleviate the endless scrolling of words on their mobile device or desktop screen.

3. Plan and Share Across Various Forms of Social Media Simultaneously 
Planning is everything. With tools to schedule across Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, and most social media platforms simultaneously, don’t forget to use them! These tools allow us to release relative blog content across multiple channels at the same time. All at once, we can release a fun photo on Instagram, a short quippy post on Twitter, a little longer description on Facebook, and maybe even a detailed video on Youtube, as well as a blog, all centered around the same strategy when the goal is to increase conversions to sales, clicks, views, or downloads.
Users of each platform are looking for different approaches to information, so by releasing a campaign across all social media platforms at once, i.e. a blog link at the same time as multiple other social media platforms with a backlink to the home website, we can track where users originate from and learn what our demographic markets are looking for when it comes to information. Following and evaluating these metrics can and should help guide future releases, including what times and days are most effective for blog content, and when most people convert to sales or further clicks into the home website.

Increase Blog Traffic Tips by Expert:

Paul Koger
Foxy Trades LLC

My top 3 strategies that have been the most effective:

1. *Post thorough answers on Quora and reference to your blog where
If your answer is helpful and provides real value to the readers, Quora
can send a significant amount of highly targeted users towards your way.

2. *Guest post on other blogs in your industry. *
Pitch to write an article for the blog and try to come up with a topic
that is similar to the content that is already published on the site. Again
try to do your best to provide value for the users. Extra effort will pay
handsome dividends as popular blogs can send an avalanche of traffic your

3. *Be active in the top forum in your industry.*
Popular forums are also packed with targeted users that are active in
your niche or industry. Try to be helpful with your answers and add a link
to your website in your signature. Put a tempting call to action anchor
text to the signature link.
Another good practice is to post helpful guides as new topics to the
forums and direct the readers towards your website to learn more.

Increase Blog Traffic Tips by Expert:

Alexandra Booze
Founder and Editor
East Coast Contessas

1. Pinterest. A lot of people may find this to be surprising, but Pinterest has become one of the top social platforms for bloggers to use to increase organic engagement and traffic on their site. For us, as soon as a new blog post is published on our website, we immediately link all photos to our Pinterest account. People value efficiency and immediate gratification – photos give them that.

2. Instagram. While most of our posts in our actually gallery unfortunately fail to drive traffic to our website since Instagram doesn’t allow hyperlinks in captions, the newly implemented feature that allows us to hyperlink URL’s for product promos, new blog posts, and destinations in our Insta story does. Anytime someone views our Instagram story wether they follow our account or not, they are able to click the link we provide below the post. This drives both traffic and business development!

3. Media interviews. It might seem like a no-brainer, but we try to take advantage of every media opportunity we can as long as it fits our brand. Gaining access to different audiences and platforms we don’t typically reach in our day-to-day business endeavors via other influencers helps promote our work and expand our reach. When people learn about the brands we work with and the people we feature, they are intrigued to visit our site and check it out.

Increase Blog Traffic Tips by Expert:


1. Automate social blasts for all your content. Use Buffer or Later to
automatically post to all of your social accounts every day at the exact
time you have the most traffic online. Instead of posting when you find the
time in the day, post at the exact time your followers are looking. You can
find this out by looking at Facebook Ad insights or Instagram post insights
2. When writing, use bucket brigades. The faster you can get people
locked in, the better the chance that they will stay interested. Instead of
writing a short intro paragraph, write something that makes them keep

Like this.

Can you believe that this tip works?

I can.

This is why.

The longer I keep you scrolling and the more easy to read sentences I

The longer you read and the more engaged you become.

These are bucket brigades. Use them throughout your content to break it

3. Become an active authority in the places your audience hangs out. Are
you a mom blog? Find the relevant Facebook groups and start posting. Run a
marketing blog? Post on Run a niche gaming blog? Post on
the right Reddit subreddits or gaming forums. The more brand awareness you
can create will certainly boost your traffic for current and future posts.
Boosting traffic usually happens *off *your site, keep that in mind.

Increase Blog Traffic Tips by Expert:


*1. Use Social Communities to Your Advantage*

The web is full of niche / hobbyist sites. Whatever it is you’re writing
about, there will be community out there for you to share your post to.

I figure out what questions my post is answering or topics it’s discussing
then using Google Search and Reddit find an audience that would be
interesting in reading my post.

I did this with my music-related blog post
on backing tracks for drummers. I found people looking for information on how to play to
backing tracks live on forums and reddit and then proceeded to share it.

You can see from the comments on my post that if your post is useful and
not spammy, people are pleased to be read it!

*2. Appeal to people’s ego*

Your post will naturally talk about other places, people and things. Why
not reach out to those people and let them know you mentioned them in your

This is a good way of getting small/medium (and sometimes huge) influencers
to share your post on their social media and sometimes, even on their site.

*3. Blog comments… yeah, really.*

Commenting blogs for links is pointless, forget about it. But commenting on
blogs to form relationships and show engaged users related content…
that’s worth doing.

Usually my posts tend to be unique in someway, my opinion or the way I’ve
presented the information usually being the unique selling point.

Commenting on relevant, higher-profile posts gets your post in front of
users that are already reading relevant content! It can be time consuming
however so make sure you only comment on blogs that get decent comments in
the first place.

Increase Blog Traffic Tips by Expert:

Brett Helling

*1. Facebook Groups *
Facebook groups are filled with people looking to create and exchange
information about specific topics, and providing them with this information
is a very powerful way to drive traffic to a blog. Join a few groups
related to your niche, then establish a reputation as a thought leader in
the space. Once you’ve done that, post a few links in the group.

Tip: Engage in insightful conversations with group members before posting
links to your content. Spammers are easy to spot, and you’ll likely be
called out for it if you don’t provide real value to the groups.

Tip 2: Actively engage with members who respond to your post. When
Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm sees a high level of engagement, it considers
the post highly relevant and will show the post to more members of the

*2. Dominate Organic Search*
Fighting to claim my share of organic search rankings is the first step in
every piece of content I produce. Creating evergreen content that is
updated regularly is one of the easiest ways to keep new users coming back
to your site. I have some posts that are over two years old that *still*
hold number one rankings on Google.

Tip: Use a keyword research tool like Moz or Ahrefs to find out what
competitors are ranking for, then create similar content that is more
robust. Keyword tools tell you exactly what a URL ranks for and how people
are finding it, so there’s no reason to publish content hoping it will
work. Using a research tool is by far the easiest way to decide what type
of content to produce.

*3. Paid Traffic*
Have you created a new blog that doesn’t rank in the SERPs yet? Do you have
a large blog that already ranks for multiple terms? No matter what position
you’re in, paid traffic is a great way increase visitors to a blog.

Our team has experimented with multiple methods of paid traffic, and found
that retargeting is the most cost effective and efficient method of driving
visitors to our blog. Every time we produce a long-form article that
provides a large amount of value to readers, we promote it to previous
website visitors using Facebook retargeting. We consistently see a high
number of engagements and social shares using this method.

Tip: Insert a Facebook pixel on your site, then promote a high-value
article to previous website visitors. Run this strategy in parallel with a
Facebook group campaign, and you’ll likely be surprised at the level of
engagement you’ll see.

Increase Blog Traffic Tips by Expert:

James R. Nowlin
Founder and CEO
Excel Global Partners

1. The Slingshot – keep track of the most popular blogs in your niche. You can use Google Alerts to help you out with this. Once one of those big blogs publishes a new post, read and study that post as soon as possible. Then write your own blog post that supplements the more popular blog post. Then, write a helpful comment on the popular blog post with a link towards your supplementary blog post. This allows you to ride the popularity of the big blog and slingshot some of the traffic to your own blog.

2. The Slipstream – keep track of your biggest competitors. When a competitor gets an article published on a big site, it will give you two valuable pieces of information; first, that big website is accepting guest posts, and second, you can get a general ideal of the type of posts that the big website wants from guest posters. You can then create your own blog post and try and get the big website to also publish it.

3. Linking Out – mention popular bloggers and influencers in your niche every now and then and have outbound links pointing to their respective blogs. This will help get them to notice you and if they like your post, they might even link back to you.

Increase Blog Traffic Tips by Expert:

Spencer Coffman

1 – The first tip is pretty basic, but it is the MOST important thing that you can do to get people to visit your website, stay on there, and share your content. In order for you to make that happen you need to be providing good valuable content. No one is going to visit your site if it is filled with useless information. Therefore, make sure you are publishing content that people will actually want to read. Make sure it is unique and provides your readers with some valuable insight. If you can provide them with exactly what they are looking for then they will be happy to continue to return to your site and continually share your content on social media.

2 – The second tip requires a little bit of effort and has a two steps within it. The first part of this tip is that when you write your content you need to make sure to include links to other valuable information. Ideally, you should link to as many other places within your website as possible. In addition, it is good to link to external content that is related to your content as well. When placing links in your content, don’t simply link some random text. Instead, give a shout out to whatever it is you are promoting. For example: for some help on writing your own press release check out this great guide. When deciding how many links to place within your content, use use a ratio of about 100:1. That means for every 100 words you should have 1 link. Since good articles on your site should all be around 1500 words that means you should have roughly 15 links within your posts.

The second part of this tip gets a little more involved. Now that you have several links in your content. You need to contact anyone you can who is associated with the external sites to which you linked. That means give them a shout out on twitter, post on their Facebook page, use the contact forum on their website, or even send them a direct email. Contact them and tell them that you enjoy their posts and have given them a backlink. Mention that they can feel free to share your post if they like it. Often times, you will get a lot of extra exposure because now you are reaching all of their fans and followers as well as your own.

3 – The third, and final, tip is one that may cost you a little bit of money, or a lot of time. However, it is absolutely worth it. Once you have written great content, filled it with valuable links, and contacted any external websites, you need to tell all of the bots out there on the Internet that your post is exists. This is done by using a three step process which you can read more about here.  The first step is getting backlinks for your post link. This means having other people put your link in their content. Fortunately, backlinks can be generated so you can get a head start and not have to wait for people to manually link to your post. Once you have backlinks, then you need to ping all of them. This means telling all of the bots that your backlinks exist. That will help boost the perceived value of your post. Because if a lot of people are linking to it then it must be good. Finally, you will want to index all of those backlinks. This means telling the search engines that those links exist and having them crawl the links so that they will find your link. You can do all of this on your own by using a variety of free sites and taking up a day of your time, or you can hire someone to do it for you. The most cost effective and pretty reliable service can be found here.

There you go, now you know everything you need to know in order to start increasing traffic to your blog or website. Yes, it will take a lot of time and effort, but within a few months you will start to see results. You will also notice that other people will start sharing your content because of all the social activity you are doing. The backlink, ping, and indexing service will give your links the boost you need in order to be found. Therefore, dedicate the time and effort into building your blog today. Without your work, it isn’t going to grow.

Increase Blog Traffic Tips by Expert:

Sacha Ferrandi
Founder & Head Principal
Source Capital Funding, Inc.

Guest Post –
Historically, our content marketing and blogging efforts have been geared towards build brand awareness, helping to educate readers about the services we offer and to drive consumers down the acquisition funnel. However, attracting new readers to your small business blog is much harder than most people think. This is why we have been experiments with different strategies to help use our blog to expand our overall reach.

1. An excellent way to attract new readers and traffic to your blog is to allow industry relevant writers to guest post on your sites. More often than not, when a guest blogger is featured on a website, they will share the post with their audience. As a result, by simply allowing other industry relevant bloggers to guest post on your site, you can effortlessly further extend your blog’s reach and increase your chances of acquiring a new lead.

2. Conversely, you can also promote your blog by actively guest post on other industry relevant blogs. For example, as a real estate finance company that works with realtors across several states, we guest posting on our partners’ sites, which allows us to get in front of readers who are actively looking for real estate information. Given they are actively looking for real estate information, they may also be interested in learning about real estate funding. Not only does this get our business in front of a new audience, but it also helps us build valuable authority within our industry.

Increase Blog Traffic Tips by Expert:

Ian Matthews

1. Don’t use generic short URLs like These anonymous links can deter users from clicking, decreasing the amount of traffic you get. Instead use a custom short link (also known as a vanity URL) to showcase your brand name and allow you to use a relevant keyword. This way you can clearly communicate with readers where this link will lead them and they can trust that this is a legitimate link as your brand name is being shown. We’ve found that using a custom short link can increase click through rates by up to 39%.

2. Instead of using stock images in your social media posts or for blog post featured images use a tool like canvas or snappa to create on brand images. I would advise to even go as far as creating a style guide with a colour palette, font selector etc so that your brand has a consistent image.

3. Use Facebook’s ad retargeting feature  to put advertisements for your page in front of visitors and bring them back to your content. This increases the traffic coming to your site and the likelihood that visitors will carry out your desired action on the page.

Increase Blog Traffic Tips by Expert:

Jake Tully
Head of Creative Department
Truck Driving Jobs

1. *Curate content for a specific class of users.* Whether your page is
speaking to beginners, mild enthusiasts of your topic/industry or an
audience of experts, it’s paramount to know who you are writing for. This
doesn’t necessarily mean that a blog cannot change the perspective from one
specific audience to another, but the content within a singular post should
stay consistent with who it is targeted for. It would perhaps be
ineffective to load a post up with industry-specific jargon and a few
paragraphs later break down a main tennant of one’s industry, for example.

2. *Know What Medium Your Audience Is Used to Reading and Tailor Length To
That. *In my industry (commercial trucking) many of our readers are
familiar with long-form articles or still subscribe to physical mediums and
trade magazines. With that in mind, a blog can get away with approximately
1500 words in a blog post and still find worthwhile engagement. Look into
what the popular trade publications and industry-specific texts are and see
how those can be mirrored on a digital platform.

3. *Consider the Age of Those Reading.* Not every blog is necessarily going
to be aimed at savvy young entreprenuers or those who are familiar with the
noveau blogosphere – one may be working with an audience that skews older
and therefore is less familiar with the format and style of a blog. If this
is the case, content curators can’t expect an audience to immediately fall
in line with the mores of blogging – ease an audience into what they are
reading and they will be more likely to follow along in the future.

Increase Blog Traffic Tips by Expert:

Joe Goldstein
Lead SEO & Operations Manager
Contractor Calls

1. Time-sensitive local roundup blog posts can perform extraordinarily well
on social media and search. Rod Johnson Air’s post on the 5 best places to
watch the solar eclipse in Stockton , which was posted
about a week before the eclipse, earned well over 1500 hits from organic
and social. Other posts on the best local places to spend the 4th of July,
Halloween, or Easter have had similar results.

2. Blogging about incredibly specific, long-tail subjects that haven’t been
covered to death. This post about why your walk-in refrigerator or freezer
may smell like acetone  might seem too
obscure to publish, but it’s a real problem that not a lot of other blogs
have covered, which is why it has become one of the blog’s top organic
traffic drivers.

3. Find where your target market asks questions online, answer them with
blog posts, and then link them to your post. I recently saw a forum post
that began I run a tree care company and I have no idea what to publish on
our blog. I mean, I just trim trees. So, I came up with 80 blog posts
topics for a tree care company  and
ran it by one of our clients who posted it as a response.

Increase Blog Traffic Tips by Expert:

Brandon Chopp
Digital Marketing Strategist

On our blog, we talk about a variety of
topics including Style & Fashion, Lifestyle & Culture, Festival News,
Music, and much more. We provide continuous coverage of music festivals
leading up to the event, during the event, and after the event. We shed
spotlights on individual musical artists while discussing recent albums,
new singles, performances, and interviews. We also tie in festival fashion
with some of our blog posts, which highlight a variety of the products that
we sell on our online store. We’ve become an authority in the dance music
world, so people come to our blog for news and information related to the
industry. It is for this reason that our blog complements the products we
sell in a way that doesn’t come across as spammy or unwarranted. We tie
together all of our social media accounts to promote our posts and earn
traffic to the blog.

Increase Blog Traffic Tips by Expert:

Tami Brehse
Blogger and Marketing Consultant

1. Leverage the network of people who know you personally first. I started
my latest blog, Cabana State of Mind  (,

about a month ago and by far my biggest source
of traffic comes from friends, colleagues and family members clicking
through from Facebook. In time, you’ll grow your audience beyond your
real-life acquaintances, but when you first get started they’re going to be
your biggest cheerleaders.

2. Share, then share some more! Don’t just share your post one time and
think everyone is going to see it. You need to be sharing each post
multiple times on each publishing platform to maximize views. Kissmetrics
has a great guide on re-sharing content without being spammy here:

3. Use Pinterest. On my professional blog (,
Pinterest is consistently my number one source of traffic. The thing about
Pinterest is that your content doesn’t have an expiration date. Pins I
shared a year ago still bring me as much traffic if not more today than
they did when I first pinned them. I have a guide for creating pins that
get maximum exposure here:

Increase Blog Traffic Tips by Expert:

Jeremy Durant
Business Principal & Co-Founder
Bop Design

1. Guest Blogging: Find high domain authority, relevant websites to approach with your blog content. Make sure to pitch the blog entry effectively highlighting its uniqueness, relevancy to readership, etc. With the guest blog entry, ask for a backlink to your website. This will help amplify your brand and blog to a new industry-relevant audience.

2. Website Behavior Retargeting: Retarget website visitors with ad content most relevant to their website behavior. If they visited a page related to website design services, retarget them with an ad promoting a blog about 2017 website design trends. This can not only help promote your blog but effectively nurture leads.

3. Email Newsletter: The least you can do from a lead nurturing standpoint is a regular email newsletter to prospects. Re-purpose your blog content as email newsletter articles with the first paragraph of the blog in the newsletter with a link to the full blog.

Increase Blog Traffic Tips by Expert:

April Davis
Owner and Founder
LUMA – Luxury Matchmaking

Link to other blogs

The blogosphere is a very scratch-my-back-and-I’ll-scratch-yours kind of
world. Do your research and identify the other notable bloggers writing on
a similar topic. Ask them if you can include their site in your blogroll,
and see if they’ll include your blog on theirs. Keep abreast of their
content, and link to relevant posts within your own blog posts.

Use Facebook Live

People are spending 3 times longer watching live videos versus ones that
have already been pre recorded? Facebook Live is generating tons of
engagement on news feeds.

Use Haro

HARO provides a great opportunity to connect with press you may not
normally have access to get traffic.

Increase Blog Traffic Tips by Expert:

Daniel Thompson
Head of Marketing
Tom’s Junk Collectors

*1*) Yes, share on social media. But don’t just go there and share the
content from your profile only, and rely on that your friends will check it
out… Share it on your wall, timeline, whatever, search for groups tight
up some way with your content and join them to share your content there.
Ask your friends to reshare it and spread the word even further. A simple
please could do wonders some times and it won’t harm you in any way! And
remember!!! – The featured image is highly important for social media likes
and reshares… some people don’t even look at the title if they love the
featured image! They will reshare immediately and that only means more
chance for more traffic!

*2*) Pay good attention to the meta tag and meta description of your
article. Catchy titles are a must, but always include a keyword in the URL.
Don’t overdo it!

*3*) People just love pictures! You can write a 3 000 word explanation
about How to change a lightbulb and a 300 word explanation with an
infographic will outrank you every day of the week. I am not saying that
shorter content combined with illustrations is better! I am just saying
that any type of content backed up with some visual engagement is working
for the good of your traffic. Pictures and infographics are getting
collected by bots and many people, they are more likely to be reshared, and
to be linked to, which will improve your rankings, likings, and therefore

Increase Blog Traffic Tips by Expert:

Daisi Pollard Sepulveda
Daisi Jo Reviews

My Top 3 Tried and Tested tips for bringing real traffic to my blog are:

1.Quora – I use Quora in 2 ways. First to answer questions related to my blog content (i.e. fashion, beauty, fitness, etc.) and second to gather questions that I can use in my weekly Facebook Live broadcast on my channel’s Facebook Page. For the questions that I answer on Quora I always include a link back to my blog. I try to link the answer to a relevant post I’ve created in the past on my blog so that the reader is clicking through to something they will be interested in reading but when that’s not possible, I aim for the next best post. For the Facebook Live broadcast, I collect 3-5 questions per video as questions posed to be from readers on Quora. This has worked for me immensely because I’m never out of content being as Quora is endless and the audience is always looking for an expert they can lean on. My Facebook Live viewers seem to like it because they are being informed and not being sold to as per many of my peers that do Sponsored Livecasts for brands on the feeds.

2.Amazon – I get requests from a lot of Amazon sellers to do reviews and feature their products on my channel and blog. A lot them don’t want to pay or can only pay very little so to make it beneficial when it’s a product I’m really interested in featuring, I’ve learned that when writing the AMZ review, if I include a link back to my blog, it’s generated a decent flow of traffic. In addition, I’ve also named my Profile, “Daisi Jo Reviews” after my blog and included information about my blog on my profile page.

3.Meetup – has so much potential but it’s easily overlooked because it does take a bit more resources and energy. I focus on joining groups that are related to my blog subject – fashion/beauty but I also expand that to women centric groups (i.e. single ladies, female entrepreneurs, etc.). I made business cards for my blog and at events where I want to promote it, I just say I’m a fashion/beauty blogger, content creator and product tester. Most of the time people immediately ask me about a product they’ve been wanting to try or a problem they’re having and want advice on how to resolve. So far it’s been working really great!

Increase Blog Traffic Tips by Expert:

Pooja Krishna
Entrepreneur & Business Mentor
Maroon Oak

1. Engage on Social – Use Conversations & Curiosity to generate interest.
Grow engagement by using Facebook and LinkedIn Groups. Both channels have niche groups by industry or location so it’s a great way to reach targeted audience. Bloggers not only increase the number of ‘post shares’ but also often times get blog comments. Other advantage – I have received queries from group members wanting to write for Maroon Oak or inviting me to Guest Blog too.

2. Use highly rated SEO Tools first
The Yoast SEO Plugin (premium) for WordPress allows up to 5 keywords (1 in the free version) which really helps. So we use variations or completely different phrases as keywords depending on the Blog or Page content. While we use #WomeninCareers extensively on web & social, we also use a ‘Women in Careers’ keyword for better search results. Also recommend the free version of the MOZ toolbar & SEM Rush. (No affiliates. Just a user).

3. Leverage other players’ successes
Commenting on blog posts with high domain authority or Alexa ranking also helps despite the no-follow. However, pick the blogs in your niche and ensure that the comment is relevant and not a link dropping exercise. Remember to click on your website link after the comment is published. A simple google search on ‘Top Blogs in [my business]’ will show up a potential list to target.

Increase Blog Traffic Tips by Expert:

Danyal Effendi
Digital Marketing Manager

*1.Social Media *

Keep your social profiles active. Share your own content as well as
industry news on all your social media channels. Take active part in
relevant groups and posts. Ask your family and friends to share the blog in
their social circle. If you have a budget you can also run paid advertising
campaigns on search engine, display or social media to generate traffic to
your blog. For this you need to be very specific for the keywords, time
frame, location and other parameters of the campaign.

*2. Professional Marketing Platforms*

Another important and relatively new practice is through profiles on
professional marketing networks. Create profiles on platforms such as
Growth Hackers, Inbound, Opportunity etc. Share useful content and take
active part in discussions which is directly relevant to your business.
In-between share your own blogs that are relevant to discussion with a
proper blog summary.

*3. Through Email Signature*

Email signature can be a great way to generate traffic to your website or
blog. Insert a link to your site on your name or create an appealing CTA
below to attract readers click on it. The same can be done with your team
or even everyone in the company. Besides this, any interesting or most
recent blog title with link can be mentioned in the signature.

Another similar thing is to set up an interesting auto-responder. It is
generally done when a person is on vacations or out-of-office. You can also
do it on every email received telling that the email will be answered soon
till then visit the blog to learn more about us.

Increase Blog Traffic Tips by Expert:

Chris Gregory
Founder & Managing Partner
DAGMAR Marketing

*Tip #1*

Go beyond a longtail keyword strategy to create topical depth. The
foundational SEO approach is to create a service page using relevant
keywords, but then go beyond that, drilling down to create multiple pages
that support that main topic using longer-tailed keywords. If, for example,
you are a personal injury attorney, have an optimized a page for that,
sure, but then add service pages and blog posts for auto accidents, truck
accidents, slip and fall accidents and more.

*Tip #2*

As part of sharing content on social media platforms, identify which
influencers in your space are generous in sharing content and follow them.
These people are unlikely to be direct customers of your company, but their
ability to share with the masses, along with their willingness to do so, is
a crucial piece in boosting traffic to your site.

*Tip #3*

Use analytics to make sure you’re getting the right traffic. When analytics
are configured appropriately, and you correctly use filters, you will have
accurate data to analyze. It’s crucial to be able to disregard ghost
traffic and scrub the spam. Here are Google Analytics best practices for
set up.

Increase Blog Traffic Tips by Expert:

Swapnil Bhagwat
Senior Manager – Design & Digital Media

One of the first steps to improve website traffic is to ensure your site is
accessible and its content viewable across different devices. In short, you
need to make it responsive and mobile-centric, as most of the online users
now use their smartphones or tablets to browse the net.

Next, is to create and implement a long-tail keyword strategy. It might
consume a huge amount of time, as goes the normal perception. Also, the
search volumes might be small at the beginning. However, it’s the decision
to opt for popular keywords that could end up wasting your time, as there is
immense competition for these words. Meticulously updating the list of
long-tail keywords on a daily basis is one of the cost-effective methods to
boost your website traffic.

The last but not the least is to have a blog. Also, you need to keep
updating it regularly with interesting articles. Nothing else works like
this tried-and-tested method of attracting your customers by sharing
relevant content that would not just get them interested, but also make them
spend considerable time on your site, which also reduces your bounce rate!

Justin Lavelle
Chief Communications Officer

Use your blog to provide meaningful but strategically related content to
the consumers you are trying to market to. Once written, then leverage the
posts with other publications to broaden your reach and drive visits back
to your website. We also ensure that our blog is a source of useful
information for our customers and potential customers, not just another
advertising channel. It could be useful to use an editorial calendar, but
the danger with that is that the content can become static and too focused
on what you want to talk about, rather than what your customer is paying
attention to. Stay focused on up-to-date, relevant topics in the news that
affect your customers’ lives and keep things nimble to address hot topics
as they come up.


Hopefully you found the information on CTR Rates for SERPs and our expert tips on how to increase blog traffic in this article helpful, and fair play if you have read this far.

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