R/AskReddit, the SECRET Badass SEO hack – (This is Diabolical)!

Batman answers R/Askreddit

Have you ever wondered what Batman would say if he was asked questions in r/askreddit? Well wonder no more. Batman jumps on Reddit and gets busy answering all your insightful questions. (You must picture the responses in Christian Bale Batman voice).

Screen Shots from actual r/askreddit Reddit posts

Batman Answers r/askreddit

Needless to say, if Batman did jump on Reddit the internet would break. I vote we harass Cristian Bale to do it. Who’s up for it?

This year, coming to a cinema near you, Cristian Bale is Batman, on Reddit.


Why did I bother writing this post?

And SEO experiment targeting keyword r/askreddit

I kinda stumbled upon this little gem by accident…

I was bored one day and browsing around Reddit, when I thought I would amuse myself by answering everyone’s questions on askreddit just to pass some time and try to cure my boredom, with the response “I’m Batman” (Not sure what I was smoking that day, but for some reason I found it funny?)

Little did I know, that a couple of days later… I WOULD BE TOP 3 FOR THE KEYWORD “R/ASKREDDIT” without even trying or putting in any effot what so ever?


I know right?

This little moment of stupid childish humor, may have opened up a World of Possibilities for me in the SEO world.

R/Askreddit, and the keyword variations I was showing for, were producing tens of thousands of impressions a month.

A decent amount of traffic too…

But here’s the problem…

The traffic was shit.

Anyone that did manage to stumble onto this page, did so in error, actually looking for R/Reddit, so my bounce rate was +95%.

But still…

I smell an opportunity here.

Now that I am getting back into SEO and Blogging, I may revisit this phenomenon.

Because it’s unlikely that anyone who does manage to find this page, will ever read down this far, I have no worries detailing my villainous plans to target Reddit traffic.

If you have stumbled upon this, and it’s much further in the future from the time of me writing this 4th July 2018 (Oh it’s the 4th of July), check my keyword rankings to see if my experiments worked or not.


So my thinking here is the following…

Sure I have a little authority as a blog, but seeing as I am only DA31, there is no way I should be a competitor for Reddit (The 7th biggest website in the world).


It must be the case that, nobody ever targets subreddit keywords.

Because why would they?

There is no way they are ever going to compete with Reddit itself, and who ever uses r/askreddit in the English language, besides people looking for or talking about r/askreddit.


What if we posted a clickbait like headline about r/askreddit.

Something that might draw away a tiny fraction of the traffic looking for subreddits, and pulled them into out site to learn something they never knew about their favorite subreddit?

That may be an interesting way to start generating some nice FREE traffic for our blogs right?

If you happened to find yourself on this page, while searching for r/askreddit, well then you know that this strategy works… at least somewhat…

… because you’re here right?

Well if you like the idea, feel free to steal it from me and use it for yourself.

I’m more than happy to share.

I may even change the title of this blog post to something clickbaity, as though I was ranked 3rd for r/askreddit before, I have dropped a bit since.


I am still on page 2, and this new content I am writing about me rambling on about my evil schemes, may give me a little boost.

Then add my snappy headline, to improve my CTR… and BOOM!

Free Traffic.

Still though, this article is a good start, but I think I will target some smaller subreddits too.

In the meantime, I STRONGLY recommend you check out this article I wrote for some real value:

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