How To Rank YouTube Videos FAST!

This article is going to go through EVERYTHING you need to know about How To Rank Youtube videos FAST!

So let’s be real here… you are not going to become the next PewDiePie overnight. Building a Youtube Brand like his takes high quality content and LOTS of TIME to develop.

But there are things that you can do to give your Youtube content the best possible start and start generating organic views, whether you are a business or a Vlogger.

Afterall… Youtube is a search engine, so SEO is 100% viable here.


Because this article will provide you with EVERYTHING you need to know to Rank Your Youtube Videos FAST including, the basics, Tips and Tricks and more advanced stuff to REALLY make an impact!

Let’s go over the basics first.

1 – Basics: Your YouTube Video Title Strategy

How To Rank YouTube Videos FAST!

Ok, so when coming up with a name for your video there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

You may have heard of the term CLICKBAIT… and seen these videos for yourself.

Example: 10 SECRETS to Mastering X… #6 Will Blow Your Mind


This 1 Trick Made me a Millionaire

These types of videos have proven to build views in the past, but the world is starting to cop on to them now.


Though they create the irresistible urge to click and watch your video, if the content doesn’t follow through on what your title suggested, then you are likely to get a lot of dislikes or negative comments and pretty soon your video will fall through the floor of Youtube Search Rankings never to be seen again.

So we don’t want that.


I recommend building your Title around Keywords and using terminology that indicates value in your content and then actually follow through on that value.

Shocking right? Actually focusing on providing people with the information they are looking for instead of just trying to trick them?

Well it doesn’t take a genius to build a strategy around this approach, even though it make take a little bit more time and work for you upfront.

But the results of this approach will be worth it in the end.

(Especially when your content follows through on the Value it portrays – because you will be rewarded with lots of likes, shares and positive comments which Youtube will then take as an indication of the value of your content and push you up the rankings for your chosen keyword)

This provides you with a CONTINUOUS stream of viewers to your content.


One of my top performing videos is simply a list of 3 movies I found mind bending.

I have ranked for all sorts of keywords with this video, and all I did initially was put 3 trailers together an release it.

The video now has 2 million views and I can use it to promote more content of mine without ever having to work on it again.

The reason for this, was I chose keywords, “Top 3 Movies” (I rank 1st), “Mind Bending Movies”, (I used to Rank first until WatchMojo did their own Version of it), “Mind Blowing Movies” (I rank 3rd, but there is the most traffic to this keyword) and lots of smaller trafficked keywords too.

The Title of this video is:

Top 3 Mind Bending Movies – Awesome Mind Blowing Movies

You can see from the title… I have kept it simple.

Top 3, or Top 10 or Top anything is always good to have on Youtube. (People like lists)

Other popular video types include

  • How To videos
  • Product Review Videos
  • Un-boxing videos
  • Gaming Videos
  • Movie Related Videos
  • Music Related videos
  • Etc. etc.

(Just spend a little time looking at trending videos on Youtube to get ideas if you are still stuck)

But from this title, I have exposed my video to MULTIPLE keywords, including Top 3 Movies (720 Searches PM), Mind Bending Movies (6,600 Searches Per Month), Mind Blowing Movies (12,100 Searches Per month) etc.

And then what did I do?

People who click on this video, are expecting a list of Mind Bending movies.

That is exactly what I deliver on.

Whether they agree with the list or not is irrelevant.

You can see from the comments, that this has generated lots of healthy debate about what movies SHOULD be on the list and lots of people complaining about the movie “Lucy” being on this list – this was my point of controversy, but we will get into that strategy a little later.

So the basics here are:

  • Don’t Try to Trick People
  • Do your Keyword Research
  • Add Value to your Content
  • Give People what they are looking for – (Deliver what your title says it will)
  • Have multiple Keyword Exposure in your Title
  • Keep it Simple

The Title is one of the First Things your potential viewers will see, so it is important to get this BASIC strategy right, if you are going to rank your Youtube Videos fast!

2 – Basics: YouTube Keyword Tag Strategy

How To Rank YouTube Videos FAST!

Meta Tags, used to be an important feature even in Google’s Search Engine… but Google has since de-ranked this as an SEO factor in web search.


This is still an important factor in Youtube Search.

Basically, Keyword Tags, are a way of telling Youtube, which keywords you think your video should rank for.

So after you do your keyword research when building your Title, you need to make sure you add the keywords you are targeting as Tags to your video.

I will detail a fuller strategy around this below when we are looking at advanced strategies.

3 – Basics: YouTube Description Strategy

How To Rank YouTube Videos FAST!

Ok… with your Youtube Videos Description, you finally have a bit more freedom to get creative with your SEO and your video’s goals.

The one important factor to note is that the description needs to be detailed an purposeful.

I know the feeling… when you have spent so much time creating and editing your video… you are likely just eager to get it out there and watch it skyrocket to the Youtube Trending list…

But skipping this step is a mistake that will hinder your growth, even if you go back and update the description later.



Always include a link back to any websites you have in the description.

The reason being, there are thousands of websites out there that scrape Youtube for videos and pull videos onto their sites.

Meaning… that when they pull your video, your backlink will go with it and you will obtain another backlink to your website from the website that embedded your Youtube video.

And of course… if by chance your video goes viral… LOTS of websites will embed it in their content.

(For those that know alot about SEO, yes these are nofollow links and yes they are low value, but I have seen 1000’s of links generated to my sites from implementing this strategy, and when you have backlinks in that volume it definitely has an impact)

So what else should you put in your YouTube video description to make your videos rank FAST?

Let’s start from the top…

  • Clear CTA – I always include a clear call to action at the top of my video description… even if my video content has no agenda, because by engaging someone’s attention with your video content, there is a likely chance that they will want more content from you. So Even if it is just a link to another similar video of mine, I always include SOMETHING at the top to keep the viewer engaged with me.
  • Keyword Rich Description – Yes keywords are important here. It used to be a case where you could just repeat your keywords multiple times in the description, and that was enough. But now YouTube’s Algorithm has gotten smarter and you need to add value here, while using your keywords. Aim for at least 3 mentions of your keyword, and try to add value where possible in your descriptions content.
  • Links to Social Channels – Again to keep your audience engaged in your brand, it is always a good idea to provide them links to your social channels to keep them within your reach.
  • Link To Lead Magnets – One of the most powerful ways to build an Email list, is to provide excellent value upfront in your video content, and then offer your audience a FREE download of something that they can use to learn even more of what they learned in the video… in exchange for their Email of course.
  • Link to similar videos, Website/Blog Content etc – Like I mentioned before, you have put in the hard work grabbing the attention of your audience with your video… why shut them out then? Not everyone will continue to absorb more of your content, but if you are providing value and high quality content, an increasing percentage will want to know more… give the people what they want!

4 – Basics: Youtube Thumbnail Strategy

How To Rank YouTube Videos FAST!

You know the old saying… “A picture says a thousand words”… well that’s what we are going to think about here.

Of course a video is made up of a thousand pictures, so the content of your video is important too… but your video content is no use to anyone if nobody sees it.

Your thumbnail therefor… has one simple strategy…

To capture the attention of your audience as they scroll through the endless options that they could give there attention to.

Here… you have two options…

You can be CREATIVE



This is not me recommending that you blatantly copy people… but you don’t need to reinvent the wheel either…

Look at who is doing well at this… who are the top channels in your niche and what are they doing to draw attention.

Are they using branded colors…

Are they using Clickbaity images…

Whatever it is, it’s not illegal to take inspiration from what works.

Let’s look at the thumbnails of the Top Youtuber in existence:

How To Rank YouTube Videos FAST!
Pewdiepie’s 10 most recent videos at the time of writing

You can see from PewDiePie’s channel above, that EVERY single thumbnail is designed to grab attention and no 2 are alike…

Now of course, this style of thumbnail is designed to capture the attention of a VERY SPECIFIC demographic.

If you are a Car Insurance Sales Company… then you might want to come up with something more brand based and professional.

That is why I recommend… just spending a small bit of time to see what your competitors are doing and what is working.

***1 Point to note…

Do not just use a clip from your video… unless you are trying to highlight something specific from within your content. – And even in this case a BIG RED ARROW usually grabs attention.

Spend some time on your thumbnail strategy.

Time spent here will improve your Click Through Rate and reduce the time it takes to rank your Youtube Videos FAST!

5 – Basics: Publishing Your YouTube Video

How To Rank YouTube Videos FAST!


You’ve spent FOREVER making a high quality, value adding video and FOREVER editing it to make come across professional.

You’ve done EXTENSIVE keyword research, come up with a KILLER TITLE and built a MASTERFULLY CRAFTED DESCRIPTION.

You’ve created a THUMBNAIL THAT PICASSO WOULD BE PROUD OF and you are confident that your video is going to draw in millions of viewers.




As soon as you hit that publish button… you are now engaged in a battle with the ruthless and restless YOUTUBE ALGORITHMS.

What you do next will determine HOW LONG IT TAKES for your video to start gaining views.


So what’s next?


Yes social media signals are part of the Youtube algorithm, so shares, likes, tweets, upvotes etc etc are all important.

Not only in the fact that they draw attention to your content and bring an initial stream of viewers, but the way your audience on social media REACTS to your content, is a good indicator to YouTube of how VALUABLE your content REALLY is.

So if you go and share it to Reddit and it get’s no upvotes… guess what… YouTube will take that as an indication that your content might not be the next best thing…

Now don’t get me wrong… not getting upvoted on Reddit does not negatively impact your video… but getting upvoted MOST DEFINITELY impacts it. (In addition to drawing viewers)

The same goes for Twitter, or Facebook or Instagram or whatever place the cool kids hang out online these days.



Get Backlinks…

Yes Backlinks are important here too.

Getting your video embedded under as many domains as possible WILL RANK YOUR VIDEO FASTER!

You can control some of this yourself.

I always have a list of places I can post my video too and get quick backlinks from, ready to go, at the moment I press publish.

Examples include:

  • Web 2.0s – etc.
  • My own Blogs – I have a few websites that have high authority domains
  • Stumbleupon/Mix as it’s now known – Easy Backlink
  • Quora/Yahoo Answers – Using your video content to answer questions on these sites is very powerful
  • Any bloggers/webmasters you may know that would be willing to embed your content


After sharing your new masterpiece across all your social media accounts, begging your friends to come watch how smart you are and pleading with bloggers all over the world to take notice of you…

It’s time to let your existing audience know about what they are missing out on…

Email your existing list – Sure this isn’t likely to get you backlinks… but it is likely to get you viewers if you have any sort of a decent list.

And don’t be afraid to ask your audience to share it… you’ll be surprised how many actually do when you bother to ask… and this then feeds the Youtube Algorithm beast.

Ok… that’s it for the basics of How to Rank YouTube Video’s FAST!

Now for the good stuff…

6 – ADVANCED: Getting the Edge Over Your Fellow Youtubers

How To Rank YouTube Videos FAST!

Ok, the first 5 points in this article are DEFINITELY enough to get you started…

But if you want to start taking your YouTube Channel seriously, you are going to need a YouTube SEO Tool.

There are a few out there and some of them are quite good, but by FAR the best I have come across is VIDIQ.

Now… I’m going to try and not sound like a sales guy here, pitching you instant success on Youtube with this tool… and even though I do recommend it, and every link here will be an affiliate link… I am instead going to show you WHAT I USE IT FOR.

That way… you can decide for yourself whether this is something that interests you.

You can still be successful at ranking on YouTube without this tool, this just makes it quicker and easier for me… and it’s fairly cheap at VIDIQ $7.50 per month for the Pro Version.


Basically it’s a Youtube SEO Tool that overlays all the information you need to rank your Youtube Videos FAST, right INSIDE YOUR YOUTUBE UI.

It gives you recommended criteria you need to meet for EVERY YouTube video you publish, including what to write in your Video Description, what keywords you stand a chance at ranking for and EVEN what your competitors are doing or not doing so that you can be better than them.

Then once you have published your video, it gives access to EXTREMELY useful stats that you don’t get from YouTube so that you can fine tune and tweak your video as it grows.

It also gives the same level of insight and strategies on growing your channel itself, so you have an engaged community of subscribers!

+Much Much more that I’m not even going to get into here…

Let’s look at an example…

Say I want to rank a video for the keyword phrase “How To Rank Youtube Videos FAST”

How To Rank Youtube Videos FAST!

So I upload my video… and you can see from the image above that I now have more tools and information on my Youtube upload page.

I can’t say this enough times…





Take a look closely at the screenshot…

The tool tells me EXACTLY what keywords I STAND A CHANCE at ranking for…

So not only does it save me all the time and effort from testing out what keywords I can get… but it helps me rank IMMEDIATELY for keywords that… based on my previous uploads, my channel authority and my number of subscribers… I stand a chance to gain traffic for.

Then… not only that… but I don’t just have to aim for 1 keyword… I can aim for MANY!


It tells me competing videos that are ranking for similar keywords, and how I can steal traffic from them (Ethically of course)


It gives me an exact checklist of what I need to do to MAKE SURE my video is optimised for Youtube’s Algorithms

And this is just the upload page.

Crazy right???

The above screenshot is just an example obviously, but as you go through the checklist when publishing your own videos… if you have enough authority it will even tell you what position you will land at when you hit the publish button.

And it doesn’t stop there…

After you have published your video and you start to get some views… you get this info:

How To Rank Youtube Videos FAST!

So you can see from the above image… even though I have done well in terms of SEO for this video, I have not done well in terms of Social Media for it.

So if I wanted to continue to grow this, I can tell exactly what I need to start doing. I can drill down into the keywords more, find out what’s working and what’s not, and start a social media campaign to boost my indexing in Youtube’s Algorithms.

Does that make sense?

Basically… this tool makes sure you are not flying blind when it comes to creating content on Youtube and gives you THE BEST POSSIBLE chance at ranking your videos!


If you are SERIOUS about your YOUTUBE CHANNEL — I highly recommend you pick up your copy of VIDIQ RIGHT HERE.

How To Rank Youtube Videos FAST!

That’s it from this article on HOW TO RANK YOUTUBE VIDEOS FAST!

If you have any questions, feel free to let me know in the comments below.

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