How To Do SEO Yourself – Learn in 6 Simple Steps

How to Do SEO Yourself

Are you sick and tired of paying the GDP of a small country to get to that fabled, GOOGLE NUMBER 1

Sick and tired of people talking double & triple dutch, just so they can charge you an arm and a leg on top of the GDP of a small country, but yet you barely notice any difference in your results?

Are you looking to learn How to do SEO yourself?

Well, great news! It doesn’t have to be as confusing as trigonometry and you don’t need Jedi reflexes or NZT brain enhancers to figure this stuff out. 

Below I am going to show you just how simple it can be, once you don’t expect perfection. Above average should be good enough for most local sites, seeing as the vast majority of local sites are barely holding together with some glue and sticky tape! (No offense) 🙂

But… Before we get into the good stuff, have you picked up your copy of my FREE book yet?



So… what will you need:


  • Wix website (Yes, I deliberately didn’t say WordPress)

  • Google Analytics Account

  • Google Webmaster Account

  • Google Adwords Account

  • Bing Webmaster Account (If you are that way inclined)

  • Facebook Account

  • Twitter Account

  • Google Plus Account

  • Linkedin Account

  • Youtube Account

  • An open Mind!

Seem like a lot?

It really isn’t when it will generate your business a potentially endless stream of leads, and thus cash. Add to that, the fact that, with the exception to Wix, all of the above are free, I am basically giving you a recipe for free money.

Still concerned?

Not to worry, I will give you a step by step on how to bake the cake too. 🙂


Step 1. – Wix [How to do webdesign yourself]

Wix is an amazing tool, and if you are a small business, especially a small business on a tight budget, this amazing tool should be your best friend.

I got a quote recently from a web designer, who quoted me €1,000 an hour for their web design services. I nearly broke down in tears. It would take them 15 hours to build my site for me, so they were going to charge me €15,000. 

I certainly did not have anywhere near that amount of money, but I found this fee astonishing! Seriously? 1K an hour? Lawyers don’t make that.

So I checked out what they would be doing for me, and my shock and awe buried it’s head in more shock and awe.

WordPress Premium Theme install?

Wait what?

I am going to pay you €1,000 an hour to install a WordPress theme for me? 

Couldn’t believe it, and this is the standard that is out there. This is the industry standard that someone who has no clue of the tamable dragon that is WordPress has to pay for the privilege of having it installed for them.

Not only that, but WordPress has a lot of moving parts, and lots of moving parts means lots of potential to break and breakage means rehiring €1000 an hour guy!

FML right?

So enough with my rant, here is the cheaper life saving alternative that will more than meet the needs of 90% of local businesses.

Wix is a drag and drop website builder, with lots of modern “Premium Themes” for you to install yourself! lol

Best part, it is a fully managed system. There is no hosting required by you, you don’t have to worry about server management or plugin updates. Everything just works. Nice a simple.

And how much does all this cost you? Surely 30k right?

The basic package starts at aropund €15, though I upgraded to the €25 package just for that extra bit of speed. And sure why not, I just saved myself from having to sell my liver on the black market.

And before you get worried thinking I am pitching Wix to you to benefit myself, I am not. I am not affiliated in anyway, and there is no link here to be affiliated. Feel free to just Google the word “Wix” and you will find it.

Not only all that…

But it also includes all this:

  • SEO optimised

  • SEO advisor tool

  • Blog Platform integrated

  • Social Media integrated as Stock

  • Plugin Market with Free, Freemium and Paid options. (I only ever use the free stuff)

  • Real Time Analytics on your site. (WTF right)

  • Webmaster Tools integration

  • Google Analytics Integration

  • Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising Integration

  • Drag and Drop website designer (So easy, a chimpanzee could use it)

  • Tonnes of Free Premium Templates

  • Animated Objects

  • SSL encryption as standard (Means it’s safe)

  • Favicon (Website browser tab image at top of your browser, mine is a Mario Mushroom)

  • Free Domain name for 1 year. (Yep)

  • Unlimited Number of Pages

And probably a tonne more I can’t think of it.

Basically, this thing is awesome! It saves you a tonne of money, and as long as you are not trying to build the next Facebook (Which we all secretly think we are), it will serve your needs!

Step 1?

Get Wix!

(If you are still iffy about it after all of the above, they have a free version too. You just can’t connect your own domain and they post ads, but you can get a feel for things).

Still not convinced? Check out Super Website Builder’s

Wix vs WordPress Comparison

I know what your thinking: Boom! I am now one step closer to knowing how to do SEO yourself!

 Not yet…

Step 2 – The other stuff [How to do Social Media yourself]

Yep, you are going to have to sign up for all the other things in my ingredients list, because we are going to have to mix all that stuff together. 

The only important thing to note here, is that you want to list your website in all profiles where possible. (Gotta catch dem backlinks).

Pow… 2 Steps closer to knowing how to Do SEO yourself!

Step 3 Build your site yourself! [How to do Webdesign yourself]

As I mentioned, Wix is the easiest place on Earth I have found to build a decent modern looking website with minimal effort,

In fact, they even have an auto-generate tool, which asks you a few questions and then just automatically builds your site for you using randomly generated features of their templates based on your industry.

You can then flick through random variations until you find one you want.


I do recommend that you do a little bit more than this. Just so you learn some things and grow an attachment to your site. (It’s a great feeling when a button you picked out and customised, starts feeding you money) 🙂

When Customising, there are lots of templates that will give you your baseline. Pick one out that you feel comfortable with (Doesn’t have to be niche specific like their layout in Wix).

Once you have one, just play with it! 🙂 

Wix will guide you through the controls, it’s quick and easy to pick up and before you know it, you will have a masterpiece of a website built and designed by YOU, and at the same time saving you about 20k, and 1k an hour on repairs.

Wow, you are Amazing! You are now 2 steps closer to knowing how to do SEO yourself!

Not bad eh?

(If you appreciate my value add here, I won’t say no to a thumbs up in the social icons at the bottom of the page!) 

For a bit more detail on the design process, the Wix website is a great source for excellent tutorials. Check out: 10 Essential Tutorials That Every Wix Newbie Should Know


Here is an Awesome Wix Certified Trainer, David Lee to tell you more:

Step 4 Keyword Planning [How to do Keyword Analysis yourself]

Ok, the basics here, is that keywords hold traffic. If you rank high for a keyword, you will get a variable amount of Traffic depending on how popular the keyword. This is essential to know when you want to learn how to do SEO yourself.


As you are looking to build your SEO plan yourself, it is very unlikely that you have the power to go for big keywords, so the strategy I am going to outline here is to focus on lower trafficked keywords, but there are more likely to be attainable. 

So what keywords should you target?

Well what do you do? What are you selling or what is your key service. Think about how to simplify that question as much as possible to get it down to 1 or 2 words.

An example might be “Shoe Shop”

Then take your location to Geo locate the Keyword. So you might be “Dublin Shoe Shop”. (You can Geo locate this further if you are a shop by narrowing down your address a level. So it might be Dublin City Center Show Shop, Castle Knock Show shop etc). 

Once you have your keyword idea, you will want to see if there is traffic around that.

So jump into your Google Adwords account as setup previously and checkout there keyword tool. This will give you an estimated traffic amount for your keyword as follows:

 Real quick we can see, that there is actually more traffic available for “Shoe Shops Dublin” so we will switch to that keyword. 


Go to Google, and begin typing in your keyword. You will see that Google will begin to auto-prompt you. Like so:

Now these are your long tail keywords. Each of these deserves to be targeted individually, which will eventually compile your strength and rank you for the main keyword.

(Note: The above example is mainly further Geo Location, but this may have shown up different items if you weren’t using GEO locating tactics, such as Shoe Shops Dublin Sale, or Show Shops Dublin Recommendations etc). 

The important factor is that these auto-prompts, are what Google thinks you might be searching for, and they will be basing that decision on the fact that others are searching for them.


You get free insight into what people are searching for.

Compile as many of these Core Keywords as possible. Run this auto-prompt for each one of your Core Keywords, and build your self your Keyword Plan. 

4 Steps closer to knowing how to do SEO yourself! – Nice Progress.

Simple right?

For more on the Keyword Planner tool, check out this vid from Adwords Youtube Channel:

Step 5 Distribution Plan [How to do Content Distribution yourself]

There is one simple concept to get to grips with when it comes to a distribution plan. Consistency.

This is such an important step when learning how to do SEO yourself.

What I mean by that, is that for every single piece of content you release, you must follow the distribution plan. Doing so will not only build the traffic to your content, and thus your site, but it will also help build your distribution assets too.

I listed a number of resources in the ingredients for how to do SEO yourself that I recommend as the minimum requirements for a distribution method. But you can also expand on the list yourself as you see fit.

That’s it. When you post content, distribute it.

Say Whaaa? You are 5 steps closer to know how to do SEO yourself!

Simple right?

 Step 6 Writing [How to write for yourself]

Everything before this point is the lead up to this. For the vast majority of small businesses, and those looking to Learn how to do SEO for yourself, all you need to do from this point on, is write content. 

There is no magic formula here. Write frequently, write in debt, focus around your keywords and then distribute your writing.

If you do all these things, Google will gradually take more and more notice. This isn’t going to happen over night, but it will happen over time and when it does, your site will be so filled with relevant content, that it will stay at the top of results and continue to grow.

So all you need is to be consistent.

That’s it…

Does the world seem a little brighter? The birds chirping a little louder? Cause now you know how to do SEO yourself!

If you found this tutorial useful, there are lots of shiny Social icons below to share with the world!

Til next time… Stay safe out there!

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