Free Traffic Methods – The Best Free Traffic Sources

Free Traffic Methods – The Best Free Traffic Sources

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What you will need to make the most of our list: Free Traffic Methods – The Best Free Traffic Sources:

Instagram Account
Facebook Account

Reddit Account**

Website with opt in capture.
Valuable content to offer in exchange for opt in.

But… Before we get into the good stuff, have you picked up your copy of my FREE book yet?



#1 Free Traffic Methods – The Best Free Traffic Sources: Instagram posts:

Instagram can be a great resource for targeted, Niche Specific traffic when done right.

Firstly, you can not add a link to your Instagram posts, but you can have a link in your Bio. So the general idea here, is to have something worth saying, have the hyperlink in your Bio, and then post to direct people to that link in your Bio.

Post daily pic with comment referencing your niche link on your Bio.
Target other Instagram pages with much larger followings, that are in the same niche as you.
Once on their page, follow users that comment there.

Roughly 40% of these users will follow you back and become part of your audience for your daily posts.

That’s it. This is FREE targeted traffic, for your niche, that takes very little time and effort.

To automate this: There is a paid tool called Instaeasy. I am not affiliated with this software, but it can help speed up the process, though the FREE method above will work too. (Not an affiliate link)

How about that for the first of our Free Traffic Methods 2018?

#2 Free Traffic Methods – The Best Free Traffic Sources: Facebook Groups:

My second most effective FREE traffic method, is based on Facebook Groups. Most of you will probably experienced Facebook Groups in some form, but the great thing about them for Digital Marketers, is that there is an instant audience for your given niche, with sometimes 10’s of thousands of members ready to read your content.

The one problem with Facebook groups, is that others are aware of this potential traffic and they have been spammed to within an inch of their life.

So to avoid being spammy:

Look for questions on your niche and use your opt in content as the answer to the question. (Questions must be related if you don’t want to piss people off).

Or…Just post your article in the group with your opt in on your site ready to capture.

**Note, you don’t post your lead capture or your products, as that is what will annoy people.

To automate this: Go to SlackSocial. (Not an affiliate link)

Not bad for our second in the list of Free Traffic Methods 2018?

#3 Free Traffic Methods – The Best Free Traffic Sources: REDDIT!

Reddit is my favorite method of obtaining FREE traffic.

This site is simply a beast in the amount of traffic it can send your way if you give it the right content…

But buyers be warned…

This is a delicate beast, and Redditors don’t like to be marketed too.

So always ensure that you are adding a ton of value, or posting content that people actually want to read.

There are places where you can promote if you follow specific guidelines, such as /r/Freebies.

But you still have to be careful here.

You can’t be on Reddit, just to promote or you will get shadow banned.

It’s such a cold method of banning you too, they don’t actually tell you you are banned, but instead just make it look like no1 is responding to your posts…

So you go about your business posting away… but really, your content is going nowhere and no1 is actually seeing it.

Smart Bastards. lol

The golden rule, is you should have 10 community based post for every 1 promotional post.

And always check the rules of any subreddit you do end up posting to.

#4 Free Traffic Methods – The Best Free Traffic Sources for good measure: Forum Comments

Look for Forums that have a free giveaway section/Freebie section. The Freebie you have to offer is your value content. Post here, and wait for opt ins.

That’s it for our list of Free Traffic Methods – The Best Free Traffic Sources!

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