SEO Agency Experiences revealed by global Experts 2018 – Dublin SEO Agency

SEO Agency Experiences revealed by global Experts – Dublin SEO Agency

In an effort to improve the experience of our Dublin SEO Agency, we reached out to our network of experts across all industries to get some insights on what dealing with an SEO agency is like from a clients perspective.

Some of the responses we got were very enlightening. What do you think?

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Dublin SEO Agency – Agency Experience by:

Ed McMasters, Director of Marketing & Communication
Flottman Company

Real SEO Success:

When we determined we needed and SEO company to assist our marketing we did so in an effort to raise our placement on Google Search. We also wanted to increase traffic to our website and most importantly gain referral inquiries (RFQs – Request for Quotes).

We selected 2060 Digital (component of Hubbard Media) in Cincinnati to work with because they were local, well equipped and had great success stories. I have reviewed half-a-dozen firms before deciding on 2060 and I have been ecstatic about the results.

When we started our primary search term was commercial folded printing and we were appearing on page 2 as low as 12 on the list. In a year we have climbed to page one and are currently tracking as 5th or 6th on the search page.

Our RFQs have skyrocketed from only 3 per year to 47 in 2015, 66 in 2016 and to date we have 62 with the potential to hit 100 by year’s end. The biggest benefits of the inquiries are:

* Diversifying our clientele, primarily we have always been pharmaceutical focused, now with these inquiries we have branched into medical devise packaging, cosmetic, nutraceutical, HO trains, and commercial instructional sheets.

* Gaining cross links and traffic to our website – companies search for a miniature folding solution and we come to the top of the search from there they inquire

* New Clients – along with diversifying our product offerings and the verticals our clients operating in, we are gaining new clients and have been building re-order partnerships.

2060 Digital assists with keyword compilation, tracking and they even help pen our monthly blog posts. We are currently developing a website revamp, with the guidance of 2060 Digital and with this enhancement we should make 2018 our best SEO year ever.

Our SEO had indeed been optimized with the assistance of 2060 Digital, we are now in our third year of our contract and as the 2018 budget is being developed it is my plan to again add money to the SEO program, this will be the 3rd year in a row I have increased funding and improved the results.

I would really like the opportunity to share our SEO success and show some appreciation for our SEO partners – 2060 Digital

Thank you, ed!

Dublin SEO Agency – Agency Experience by:

Chris Gronkowski, CEO
Ice Shaker

Hiring an SEO agency was the worst experience I have ever had in business.
I was paying $1200 a month for a company to provide high quality white hat
backlinks to my shaker bottle website When I met with them the strategy was to write high quality
articles and then they would use their connections to submit the articles
to blogs and writers in the fitness and health industry who would then in
turn spin the articles and post them on their websites and blogs. This was
a great strategy that would land me some high quality backlinks. About 2
months in I noticed that this was not happening at all. Instead I was
getting no follow links from comment posts. I was also
getting backlinks from an article directory site. Both of these strategies
are extremely outdated and can actually hurt your SEO ranking. I was
trapped into a 4 month contract with the company and couldn’t get out of it
and the term in the contract and what they told me they would do were not
the same so I was stuck. I ended up spending $4,800 and my website’s SEO
rank was now worst than when I started. I was also to save my site by first
firing this SEO agency, and then getting high quality backlinks on my own.

About me:

My Name is Chris Gronkowski. I am a former NFL player and one of the 5
Gronkowski Brothers(yes my brother is pretty famous). I have since made
more money in my first 4 years outside of the NFL than I did playing in the
NFL for 4 years. I own two separate successful companies, Everything
Decorated and Ice Shaker that I take completely different approaches to.
I also have about a 75,000 fan following through instagram and twitter that
I love to share articles with. Please check out my twitter, instagram, and
facebook pages of Ice Shaker at @iceshakerbottle. Also please check out my
personal social media pages at @chrisgronkowski.

Dublin SEO Agency – Agency Experience by:

Jessica Paluch Hoerman, Attorney

Jessica Paluch Hoerman
Attorney, TruLaw

What is our experience with SEO companies? The same as our experience with used car salesmen…you never can trust them. Sometimes you end up with something that gets you where you need to go for a short time before it collapses, but, in most circumstances you get junk.

The problem with most SEO companies that we have found is that they assume you know nothing. When small to medium businesses just start out the company will need the owners/investors to wear many hats and its likely that SEO falls to the side, at least for a while. Learning a skill that is constantly changing is not likely to be a priority so the SEO company assumption is mostly correct. But, it is likely that a smart owner/business owner will learn enough SEO at some point in the life cycle of their company to realize they have been sold a junker. Fingers crossed this happens early enough not to cause real damage to the online reputation of the business.

In the early days of our business/SEO experience, we bought into the idea of “spinning” content from an SEO company that swore they were doing it on the up and up – not the way that Matt Cutts warns you about. It was crazy successful in local markets and the leads were rolling in…until Google found us. One way to really learn SEO and how Google works is to try to get your business out of a Google penalty. I would not recommend this quick study technique.

We did climb out of the penalty after months of really hard work and went back to figuring out how to be found in our competitive online market. The next few SEO companies we hired were expensive, but worse than that, they were secretive. They did not want to tell us where they were putting us for links, directories, guest posts or blogging. This was part of their “secret sauce”. Any business that doesn’t understand how someone is posting on their behalf is doomed to ruin their reputation quickly. For this reason we never hire SEO companies that don’t disclose their work.

During the years we worked on finding the right SEO company, we became pretty skilled in SEO ourselves. As a result, we now are able to build for our future mostly on our own and we outsource pieces of our SEO but we don’t retain a single all encompassing SEO company. There is no easy way to win at SEO but we believe in constantly learning.

Dublin SEO Agency – Agency Experience by:

April Davis, Owner and Founder
LUMA –Luxury Matchmaking

In the past I’ve used several SEO firms in order to try to find one that
was a great value. I would be frustrated at times because it was just a
black box of activity they were supposedly doing on our behalf. Some of
the firms were good about giving monthly updates and reports, while others
(the ones I didn’t stick with for very long) lacked follow through and
transparency after I bought their services. Eventually, I opted to bring
it all in house and hired our own Marketing Director.

Dublin SEO Agency – Agency Experience by:

Danielle Kunkle, Vice President

A few years back when we had finally built out our site and had some really great content, we decided to hire some SEO help to improve our backlink profile.
The first company we hired was successful in building backlinks, but several times I questioned the quality. The owner told me not to worry, that they were pros and it was all okay. Then we got a manual action penalty for bad links. I took it back to him and showed him and he actually said to me, Oh Google – just don’t worry about them, you will still get traffic from Bing and Yahoo. I promptly fired them.

It took me 3 months of using a Link Disavow software to go and disavow nearly all of the links they had built and ask for a reconsideration from Google. So all the money we had spent for nearly a year with that SEO company was a waste, plus we had to pay for the software to undo all that work.

The next time I tried to hire someone based on a referral. This guy had a couple of good suggestions that sounded like they would be real progress. He built a few links, had two strategy calls with us and then completely disappeared. Just never contacted us and stopped responding to emails. Took our $1500 payment for that first month and we never heard from him again. We are difficult niche to find backlinks for because we complete with large insurance carriers and government entities for rank. I suspect he just realized that after the fact and was too embarrassed to face us. (This guy is actually still out there – you can find him pretty easily online.)

After that experience, we brought the SEO in-house here at Boomer Benefits. We put together our own strategy based on digital marketing reading we’ve done. I segment my time into various days when I worked on different things – content marketing, backlinks, social media, blog writing. This has worked extremely well for us and we have more than doubled our traffic over the last year.

That being said, I’m not against hiring an agency. People just need to do their homework and ask for references and read online reviews before hiring a firm. Ask them some tough questions like what their SEO strategy involves and what kind of reporting you can expect from them monthly. Ask if they can show you an examples from clients where they have grown traffic. See if their answers match up with what you know about SEO yourself.

Dublin SEO Agency – Agency Experience by:

Stephen Babcock, Esq. / Founder
Babcock Partners, LLC

The legal industry is a competitive niche in SEO, and there are hundreds
of SEO professionals pitching their prowess to lawyers. I get multiple
emails a day; some in broken English and some well-​written.
​On some occasions, ​I ​even
get elaborate packages sent to me via FedEx
​from SEO companies; when these packages are opened they have elaborate
presentations with auto-
​play ​videos and what not
​It’s crazy how many people are looking for clients!

I hired my first SEO
company about five years ago who promised the moon and delivered, but
​ their work​
resulted in my site getting a Google penalty.
​ ​
Little did I know the tactics they were using, while effective, were not
what Google liked to see. Thousands of dollars later, I had the penalty
removed, but the experience made me research SEO extensively, and now I
know more than most people on the other end of the phone cold-calling our
office pitching the
​ir​ SEO services.

To replace the group that got me penalized, I hired a Dallas SEO company
that specialized in “SEO for lawyers.” Their client list was long, but
their work ethic was short. After many months with them, it became clear
that they were not able to move the needle.
​Again I
was in the market for a reputable SEO company. Against my better judgment,
but on the referral of a leader in my industry I hired a third SEO company
that also specializes in SEO for lawyers, and they have also failed to move
the needle as well. The communication is poor, and they subcontract the
work that I pay them a lot of money for to third
parties primarily. What should have given me pause with the company I have
now, but didn’t, was a minimum 12-month contract. I have learned that an
SEO agency that is worth their salt can move the needle in 60-90 days. If
you aren’t seeing any results in 90 days, move on. If a company wants you
in a 12-month contract, it
they know their agency is not going to perform as expected and they want
to keep you paying despite their poor performance. To make matters worse,
communication has been lacking. There are few things worse that not getting
results on top of not seeing that anything being done.

To avoid this, hire SEO consultants that work on a month-to-month basis and
expect good reporting from them not only on your rankings
but on the work they are doing. If you are not getting results and reports,
you’re with the wrong company. Cut your losses.

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  • @Chris Gronkowski After four months of lousy SEO work, how long did it take you to regain what you’ve lost? And then how long until you improved your rankings? At what rate are you comfortable building links to your site?

  • @stephenbabcock We feel your pain. Too many clients sit at our conference table and share stories like yours about failed, ineffective and expensive SEO campaigns. Kudos to you for taking initiative to learn some basics so you can have a b.s. detector on when being pitched. I challenge you to not get hung up on seeking vendors who focus on a specific industry. The principles behind effective SEO are industry agnostic. A similar game is played in the website design arena with similar results. Just because a vendor specializes in an industry means little to me. It is more of a marketing gimmick in my opinion. Demand 100% transparency from your vendor , regularly scheduled account reviews and professional reporting. Finally, inspect that a vendor that talks a good game also walks the walk for their own business. Where does the vendor rank on Google? How many positive reviews have they generated? How large is their social media audience? These are good signals that are easy to check during the research process, kind of like a free background check. If you ever wish to explore what my SEO team has to offer in comparison do not hesitate to reach out for a complimentary analysis.

  • The compilation of the experiences of these entrepreneurs are lessons we have to learn ourselves. I got these tips from Rand Fishkin, before getting an SEO agency services, one must know their goals in getting one. Avoid common mistakes some of us make like using Google as our filter, trusting the “top SEO list” and believing that there is a secret ingredient in achieving your SEO success.

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  • Hi Chris Gronkowski,
    Great experience about SEO ranking from your topic.
    Yes, you will get online many many spammer SEO agencies. They will promise one and finally will deliver an unexpected result. I spent $3500 on an SEO agency, They delivered me negative ranking 😈😈

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