ClickFunnels Product Review – Marketing Funnels – Conversion Funnels

The most AWESOME Clickfunnels Product Review you will ever read…

My Experience with Clickfunnels to date, has been nothing short of Awesome.

So I figured I would Put Together A Clickfunnels Product Review…


I have recently been on a “Self Help” book binge, and by chance came across Russell Brunson’s (CEO of Clickfunnels) book, Dotcom Secrets. (Get a FREE copy here).

To be honest, at this point I didn’t think too much of the book. There were obviously some great nuggets of info in there which I figured I might use someday, but I put the book down after finishing it and moved on to something else to read, without thinking too much on it.

Little did I realise…

I didn’t quite have the full picture yet!

A couple of weeks later, I stumbled across another book by Russell Brunson, Expert Secrets. (Get a FREE copy here).

Without trying to sound too idealistic and without exaggerating, this book literally changed my life!

It was like having an awakening or discovering something so impactful, that it had the power to change the world.



Clickfunnels Review - Marketing Funnel - Conversion Funnel


So at this point things began to fall into place. A Path to success was clearing it’s way before me and everything was becoming clear to how I would get there.

In “Expert Secrets” Russell teachings how to turn what you know into a Webinar Training Course, which you can build a product from and use Clickfunnels to sell that product.


And most importantly…

ANYONE can do it.


So I set about getting all in on the Stock Training Course I was going to build.

While doing this, I then stumbled across the Clickfunnels community and here’s where the original surge of clarity hit a growth explosion likening to an atomic bomb going off in the creative part of my brain.

I have learned SO MUCH from this community.

I am now building out an Affiliate Marketing Funnel Series in addition to building out my Perfect Webinar.

So that is where I am so far.

Was there any downside to this?


Initially, setting up my Email Sequences proved to be difficult.

Reaching out to support, though slow at time was however very helpful and I found out that I actually needed to get a 3rd party Email provider to act as an SMTP so I could send Emails through Clickfunnels without hitting spam boxes.

There was further drama then with this though, as I initially went with Alex Becker’s Market Hero as I had learned alot from him previously. I was hoping this solution would be my perfect arsenal of Marketing tools, but unfortunately I was still hitting spam boxes.

So I shut down Market Hero and jumped on the Clickfunnels Community to find out what everyone else was using.

GetResponse seemed to be the most popular option, so I began setting this up.


I was hitting inboxes like a sniper. Everything looked great in GetResponse too, the User Interface, the Live Chat support there whenever you needed them.

I began setting up my Email sequences and I figured I was all set…

Two days later…

I got kicked from the GetResponse service.

I was shocked to say the least. They cited multiple reports of spam abuse as the reason for getting kicked, even though everyone on my Email list had opted in. I had additional trouble with the GetResponse Support team trying to regain an updated version of my list, so I wouldn’t be sending further Emails to those who complained.

At this point I was beginning to give up hope on this whole Clickfunnels thing, even though it had nothing to do with ClickFunnels themselves.


ClickFunnels Review - Marketing Funnels - Conversion Funnels

I knew there had to be a catch right, and this was it.

But I decided, I needed to be persistent.


I heard again from the AWESOME Clickfunnels community, that maybe I should get myself a dedicated IP, and that a service called Sendgrid had a pretty reasonable option for this.

I was reinvigorated.

Previously, I had been using the 3rd party tools for building the Email Sequences. This time, I was going to go all in on Clickfunnels, and I decided to use their Actionetics add on, and use the Sendgrid service with the dedicated IP as the SMTP…


BOOM! Back to Sniper town! lol

Hitting inboxes every time.


To sum up, I am currently on a wonderful journey that I recommend anyone to partake in. With Russell Brunson as a guide, I am confident I will see success and I hope you will join me on this adventure.

To do so, check out the Affiliate Bootcamp Training by Russell which is the quickest way to get started. (YOU DON’T EVEN NEED A PRODUCT TO DO THIS ONE).

But you do need to read Expert Secrets, and in my opinion Dotcom Secrets is more of a support book for this, but worth reading too.

I plan to keep this post updated as my journey continues, so stay tuned.

If you want to check out MY FREE TRAINING, check out the AFFILIATE SIDE HUSTLE. – I use this to speed up Russell’s Bootcamp training.