Adwords Vs Adwords Express – What’s the Difference?

So if you are new to Online Advertising, you may be wondering what the hell the difference is between Google Adwords vs Adwords Express

So today we are going to break it down for you and tell you which one is better for your situation.

So where do we start?

We all know that online advertising is important to our businesses growth, and when we think of paid advertising online, usually 2 names pop into our heads… either Google Adwords or Facebook Ads.

But Google have released something called Adwords Express, and if you are signing up for a new Google Adwords account, it is likely you will be presented with this option first.


If you have been studying up on how to run paid ads before you signed up for your Google Adwords account, this may be VERY confusing as the dashboard is not going to look like anything you have seen in your research… Am I right?

So what the hell is Adwords Express?

Adwords Vs Adwords Express – Overview of Adwords Express

So Google Defines Adwords Express as:

AdWords Express is Google’s smart, easy solution for small businesses and helps your business get discovered on Google in those relevant moments.

But realistically what it is… is their attempt to make Google Adwords more user friendly so that more users can build campaigns themselves without having to worry about expensive Ad management agencies that might not be in the budget of small businesses.

Noble endeavour no doubt… but there are a few issues with this.

The primary one… is that in an effort to make Google Adwords less complex and scary, Adwords Express removes many of the options and customisation that make it such a powerful tool.

And while this may get more people over the fear factor of using Google Adwords and actually get them some results too… it won’t always get the results their users were expecting.

Adwords Vs Adwords Express – Benefits

Ok… I am going to try and be as unbiased as possible here…

Are there benefits to Adwords Express?


If you simply CAN NOT FIND THE TIME to learn how to use Google Adwords and you simply MUST GET SOME TRAFFIC… then Adwords Express can be of benefit to you.

It’s easy to setup… requires very little ongoing management and will bring you in SOME traffic… though you will be paying extra for the convenience.

But if you are really serious about growing your business and you can’t afford to pay an Ad Management company their extortionate rates… I will always recommend you FIND THE TIME to learn about Adwords.

I know for many people… especially those that are not tech savvy, this may seem like a scary prospect.

Or maybe you feel like you will need to pay for some expensive course and learn how to Code search engines and be a genius on top of all that?

Well fear not…

Realistically, learning how to run ads on Google Adwords is actually quite a simple feat.

You can research FREE tutorials on Youtube, and you don’t need to be an EXPERT in order to get campaigns up and running and get decent results. (And you definitely don’t need to know how to code or be a Tech Genius)

So while this may all seem scary… once you get started and spend a little time on it, your learning curve is not that steep, and the benefits of understanding how to manage Google Adwords will not only save you money and bring you more traffic, but it will also give you insight into your industry by understanding your competitive landscape in the Digital World.

Adwords Vs Adwords Express – The Only Situation I recommend Adwords Express

Ok… I will admit it. There is ONE situation I will recommend using Adwords Express.

If you NEED traffic immediately and you want to take the time to learn how to use Google Adwords WHILE you are running ads… then it’s ok to use Adwords Express.


That’s it… That is the only time I will admit that Adwords Express is worth running. Other than that… My advice to you… is get over the fear of Google Adwords.

Take the Time To Learn it.

It will benefit you as a business owner and it will get you the results you want for your company.

Adwords Vs Adwords Express - Which is Right For You?


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