101 Expert SEO Tips for 2018 – The Ultimate SEO Tip List

I know what you’re thinking, right now you could really do with some Expert SEO Tips for 2018. right? Christmas is done, and it’s time to start thinking about 2018, so where better to start then thinking about your SEO.

Well not to worry, I’ll be more than happy to oblige…

Expert SEO Tips for 2018
  1. Write Longer Content – Longer Content is better, it’s been proven. <HERE>
  2. Research your Keywords for every Blog post – There is no point in wasting time writing content if you have no Keyword with traffic behind it.
  3. Consistently Share to Social Media – Social Signals are more and more important these days, so having a Social Media distribution Plan that you follow for every single blog post is key.
  4. Reddit is a god for traffic – Though you have to master the minefield that is the Reddit community, doing so gives you a bottomless source of hungry traffic.
  5. If you are using WordPress as your CMS, add Squirrly SEO Plugin – This will give you real time information on how your SEO is doing as you write each article.
  6. Focus on your CTR by using engaging headlines – Optimizing for the Click Through Rate of your content not only gives you more clicks, but helps you rank higher in a shorter amount of time.
  7. Once you get into the top 1 million websites on Alexa, use HARO – Not only is this a great source for obtaining backlinks, but it is also an awesome source of expert quotes for your own content.
  8. Create Landing pages for your contents key areas of focus to link back to – Don’t link all content back to your homepage just because.
  9. If you are outsourcing your hosting, ensure you pick a company that is responsive through 24 hour live chat – Can’t tell you how much time and effort this has save me. I use Dreamhost. (No affiliation).
  10. Where possible focus on “Buyer Mindset” keywords – Someone who types in cheapest flights to Paris on 16th of Oct, is a lot more likely to buy Flights to France than someone who types in “What is the capital of France”.
  11. Mobile First – This is just a given at this stage I suppose. It should be a reflex reaction to you, so I suppose the tip is more about not falling into any of the non-mobile first traps. So test anything that is supposed to be responsive on multiple window zooms and browser magnifications.
  12. Posting to Facebook Groups is still a relevant way to drum up free traffic – I still recommend this method, and advise you to add it into the Process flow of your content distribution plan.
  13. Use the Year you are in, in your content title – Often times, people search for new or relevant content by including the year in their search query.
  14. Recycle old content by updating the year and tweaking anything that needs tweaking at the end of each year – This can give you some nice relevant searches at the start of the year when a New Years content pool isn’t saturated yet.
  15. Ask a Friend to nit pick your site – Disregard your ego for a while and just ask someone to find flaws in your site. Even if you have it down to perfection, this can always lead to new insights on usability and the like.
  16. Traffic Travis Rocks as a decent SEO tool to maintain a full site audit at a low cost.
  17. Use Google Trends to keep on top of Keywords that could be potentially impacting your niche, and stay one step ahead of your competition.
  18. Have a solid competitor espionage plan – Even if it is just using Similar Webs free tool, you never know what gem like opportunities may unveal themselves.

Jesus, I need a smoke break already. Who would have thought writing 101 of these dam Expert SEO Tips for 2018 would take so much effort? I’m not even a fifth of the way there!

101 Expert SEO Tips for 2018

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